Shutdown Corner Prepares for New Arena

CB Javier Arenas is one of the few do-it-all cornerbacks in this year's draft. He can provide lockdown coverage; he can blitz out of the slot; and he can return kicks. With not a lot of depth in their secondary, the Cardinals could find a perfect pick-up in the third or fourth round.

Javier Arenas sits at five-foot-nine and weighs in at 195 pounds. His stature falls short of the big corners that many teams like to pick up, which is why when asked what scouts are most concerned about he answers:

"Size is the only issue and there aint too much I can do about that."

A lot of what Arenas does have control over has already been well documented. He and his Alabama squad competed and won the BCS National Championship in January.

Javier Arenas
Two weeks later, he was back on the field again. Unlike many of the other Senior Bowl participants, Arenas didn't have much of a break between playing with his college team and heading down to Mobile. He thought it worked out in his favor.

"If anything, I was in good shape because of how late we played."

At the Senior Bowl, Arenas put an emphasis on showing scouts and the NFL coaches in attendance that he has the ability to play cover and to play zone. Arenas is confident in his ability to play in both schemes.

"Everyone knows that I can blitz, so I just want to prove from a coverage standpoint, which I have a great opportunity to do. The blitz part is taken care of. "

Another aspect of Arenas game that's taken care of is his ability on special teams and as a return specialist. Arenas doesn't want to be categorized as just one or the other.

"Since you play defense more than you return, you got to see yourself more as a defensive player. And the return thing just comes naturally. That's a given, but I like the defensive side of the ball."

Arenas' fear of labels also comes into play when asked who he likes to compare himself to. But if he has to, he likes Antoine Winfield from the Minnesota Vikings.

"Because of his size, his stature and the way he plays. It would be the same situation that I am in, which is not an issue at all. I love the way the guy is playing and the whole nine."

One comparison he doesn't mind being attached to came up for the first time in a Senior Bowl press conference: Reggie Bush.

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