Combine: NFC West Watch

The San Francisco 49ers took care of division foe, the Arizona Cardinals, twice last year. The Cardinals still took the division. San Francisco's general manager and head coach were the first to take the podium on Thursday at the Combine. The Cardinals were a primary topic.

Mike Singletary keeps his eyes on winning the division, not the teams in it. According to Singletary, Kurt Warner's retirement, "doesn't change anything for us."

We beg to differ. This offseason, the Cardinals are undergoing a facelift. The change at quarterback is the most prominent. With Matt Leinart under center, the division will change. With Pete Carroll in Seattle, the division will change.

San Francisco General Manager Scot McCloughan doesn't want the division to change too much, as he his team found some success.

"I like the fact that we've been able to compete in our division, that's our first goal," McCloughan said.

Changes are on the horizon for the 49ers as well. Singletary says they are looking to upgrade their entire team, especially through the draft.

"The most important thing is making sure that [draft] board is right," Singletary said.

The best player available mentality seems to be high on Singletary's priorities. While Singletary believes the Combine is more for the fans than the coaches, there is one question he wants answered.

"Does he fit the identity of the 49ers?"

One player that already does is WR Michael Crabtree.

"I expect him to come out and have an excellent year for us," McCloughan said.

Whatever direction the division goes with the draft, the 49ers hope to eliminate errors on their end.

"[The draft is] not an exact since," McCloughan said. "That's why you see mistakes are made.

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