Cardinals Court Combine Tight End

The Arizona Cardinals search for a big impact tight end could end this year in the 2010 NFL Draft. There were several intriguing tight end prospects herded into the media room at the Combine on Thursday. One that stood out to us, and to the Cardinals, is Dorin Dickerson.

If Pittsburgh's Dorin Dickerson (6'1", 222) brings a linebacker style to the tight end position, that's because he used to be one.

Dickerson played the position at Pitt before moving to the tight end spot. Two of Pitt's starting tight ends were out with injury, one of which includes fellow Combine invitee Nate Byham. Dickerson was asked if he could fill in. He said he'd try.

"I just felt so comfortable there when I moved there in the spring, going into my junior year," Dickerson said. "My coaches liked the fit, I liked the fit."

The glove-like fit brought Dickerson college success, now he hopes it will bring him success at the next level. Dickerson exhibited what he can do in the passing game at Senior Bowl practices in late January. At the Combine, he hopes to show scouts he can block and do well in positional drills. But scouts are most concerned over his size, which a whole lot can't be done about.

The whole experience has been a dream come true.

"I've been watching the Combine since I was little. It's kind of cool seeing yourself actually there. When I pulled up, I was just looking at the stadium. Wow, this is the real deal, so I have to be prepared for it."

San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary said the Combine has become more for the fans than the coaches. Dickerson agrees.

"Definitely, there are probably thousands and thousands of people that are watching this on NFL Network, today and throughout the week. I remember I use to replay it on demand, so a bunch of people are watching, especially little kids."

While Dickerson has now become someone for kids to look up to, he still looks up to many NFL players, which includes Vernon Davis and Dallas Clark.

The Cardinals Pitt alum are also in his thoughts. He says guys like Larry Fitzgerald come back to Pitt when they can, but they are also busy with their season too.

"Larry and the Arizona Cardinals guys who played at Pitt came back in the middle of the season and said hi and talked to us for a little bit. But you don't really see them around that much. They are doing their own thing."

Perhaps the crew put in a good word for him, as the Cardinals were among his informal interviews on Wednesday night (formal interviews for that position were held Thursday night. The players didn't know who they were with).

He said the Q&A went well.

"Russ Grimm, he's from Pitt. He was there. He was sitting around making jokes, so kind of made me loosen up a little bit. But it went good. I drew up some plays for him. It went real good."

Dickerson said it would be awesome to work under Grimm. The two not only share the Pitt background, but a common Steelers theme as well. Dickerson's school shares facilities with the Steelers. During drill practices, he'd look over and see the Steelers and say:

"I could be over there."

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