Mum Isn't the Cardinals Free Agency Word

The Arizona Cardinals aren't expected to be big-time free agency contenders, but they have several players currently on their roster who will be at the forefront of this year's free agency madness. Here's what Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt said about each of them last week in Indianapolis.

What went into the decision not to place the franchise tag on Karlos Dansby?

Rod Graves

Karlos is a tremendous player who we have taken a great deal of pride in developing. He's turned into a leader for us, he's been an outstanding playmaker. A lot of things go into that decision as far as using a franchise tag or transition tag. We have stated we'd like to have Karlos back as a member of our football team, but it has to be a situation that makes sense for us. We have a lot of areas to address, and it has to be a situation that fits for us. We can't keep them all and I have a lot of confidence in our coaching staff that whomever we end up with, we will get those guys ready to play.

If Dansby goes, is obtaining an ILB in free agency a must?

Rod Graves

Obviously we will come in with 53 players. I don't mean to be short about that, but we hope to replace him with equal quality or better, and whether we have that opportunity to do that this year or not, we will have to see. The main thing is we are a football team that I think is positioned correctly to withstand transition, whether we lose Karlos Dansby or Kurt Warner, I feel Ken has done a tremendous job in instilling the right qualities and setting the proper standards for the football team. If we lose players from time to time, I feel we can keep going.

The situation at QB...

Rod Graves

We've got Matt Leinart, and right now he's the only quarterback we have under contract. Right now we want to bolster that position. Obviously we want to have at least two quality players at that position, so we will take a look at how we can satisfy that in both the free agent market and the draft. We feel confident in what Matt Leinart's prospects are for the season. He worked hard. We feel Matt can get the job done - at least I am hopeful of that - and we'll see if we can get him some help as well.

Chad Pennington?

Rod Graves

We will take a look at all of the players, and Chad will be among those if in fact he is a free agent. We will see what the situation presents but we will take a look at anyone who is an unrestricted free agent.

Can the Cardinals can keep Antrel Rolle around even with $12 million due this season.

Rod Graves

We're going to try hard to get a contract in place with him before we have to make a decision about his contract. If not, we will continue to work with him and treat him as if he is a free agent we are pursuing. We've always been under the impression Antrel wanted to remain an Arizona Cardinal. We have been able to develop him and we have seen him develop into an outstanding player and we want to keep that relationship going. We're not looking to lose quality players, but again, all of those decisions have to make sense to us from a team standpoint. Obviously he is a top priority.

More on the game plan for Antrel Rolle...

Ken Whisenhunt

We're working to try and get a deal done with Antrel because he's an important part of our team. He's done a great job of making that transition from corner to safety, and is still growing in that role. He's made a number of big plays for us in the last few years. We're working to try and get that deal done. If for some reason we didn't have Antrel, much like we expect out of Matt, the next guy has to step up and play. What we've been trying to do is build the depth on our football team. We feel we have done that to a great degree. Calais Campbell did an outstanding job last year of steppig up when Antonio Smith when we lost him in free agency. We certainly have the belief that we have the players to do that.

Any hard feelings that Dansby and Rolle have expressed interest in the Dolphins?

Rod Graves

At this point, I realize those guys could become free agents and they are interested in what the market will bear. At the same time, I am confident those guys don't undervalue what they mean to our football team and their relationship with us.

Anquan Boldin trade?

Rod Graves

Our approach with Anquan is really the same as it was last year. We will look at all the options and exploring and ultimately doing what is best for the team. From our perspective, nothing has changed. We still view Anquan as a valuable member of our football team and we will weigh the options through the offseason and do what is best for our team.

Is Boldin expendable?

Rod Graves

Anquan Boldin is such a competitor. I'd be remiss if I said you could easily replace a player of his caliber. We have some great young players and we recognize what they bring to the table. But I think having Anquan in the mix certainly enhances our abilities as a football team. Again, we will see where things take us through the offseason and the decision will be made ultimately in the best interest of our team.

More on Anquan...

Ken Whisenhunt

The draft is a long way away. We're going to look at all our options involving Anquan and involving our players. We're committed to continuing to be a team that can get to the playoffs. And what it takes for us to try and stay on that track, that's what we're going to do.

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