Cardinals to Host Steelers Defensive End

The Arizona Cardinals will play host to Pittsburgh Steelers unrestricted free agent defensive end Nick Eason on Tuesday, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. We check-in with's Steelers' publisher Jim Wexell for an exclusive scouting report on Eason.

The Arizona Cardinals look to replace lost depth and bulk up a defensive front seven that will rely on some young players to get the job done. Arizona will have to address their defensive needs both through the draft and through free agency. Here is an exclusive scouting report from Jim Wexell on Steelers defensive end Nick Eason who the Cardinals will play host to on Tuesday.

Nick Eason will turn 30 in May. He's 6-3, 305, a former Bronco and Browns defensive lineman who spent the last three seasons with the Steelers. In those three seasons he's gone from awful to effective, and always with total class as a person.

In 2007, Eason's first year as a DE in the Steelers' 3-4 alignment, he replaced the injured Aaron Smith and was part of the reason for the defense's collapse. But Eason worked at his craft and his understanding of the scheme, and when Smith went down in 2009 Eason was a much more effective part of the Steelers' line rotation.

Because of the age of the Steelers' defensive linemen, the team drafted defensive ends in the first and sixth rounds in 2009, and kept the sixth-rounder on the roster as a "redshirt." Well, those two rookies now allow Eason and Travis Kirschke to test the free-agent market. Ken Whisenhunt probably has heard from his old friends on the Steelers' staff that Eason is a plus in the locker room and a willing worker on the field.

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