Draft Prospect Interview: Kyle Jolly

AZRedReport.com caught up with NFL draft prospect Kyle Jolly. As the Cardinals look to build the depth of their offensive front line, Jolly could be an interesting option for Coach Ken Whisenhunt. But, is Jolly ready to contribute on the game's biggest stage? Tyson Qualls recaps the interview.

The North Carolina graduate certainly has the size for the NFL. At 6 feet 6 inches and 311 lbs, Kyle Jolly is an imposing figure. He was the lone stand out on a porous North Carolina offensive line in 2009. His skill set could allow him to squeak into the final rounds of the draft.

During the combine he caught up with a few coaches from the Arizona Cardinals' staff. Here is what he had to stay about the meeting.

"I felt like it went pretty well, I was able to talk with Russ Grimm…he's a legend and it was fun to talk with him. He was a pretty down to earth guy, making jokes."

If Jolly is going to break into the final rounds of the draft, he must set himself apart from a large group of offensive lineman with his same talent level. The draft is choked full of lineman with decent skills, but who are projected to struggle to keep up with the speed of the NFL. When asked about what strengths he would bring to the NFL, Jolly responded:

"I feel like I'm a tough player, I've played 38 straight games and played through injuries. I'm a smart player…I'm going to give you everything I got, I'm not going to quit."

If Jolly is going to be successful on the next level, he will need more than toughness and durability. He will also need to improve his strength and agility.

Jolly's road to the NFL will likely go through a spot on the practice squad. While his experience at North Carolina has helped, he is not quite ready to be a starter yet. The Cardinals should look to Jolly as a potential project and if they have filled their prior needs, a chance in the 7th round would not be a bad decision.

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