Worst of the Worst: Top Draft Busts

The Arizona Cardinals have been residents of the desert since 1988 and their draft history has not exactly been sparkling. In this two-part series, Tyson Qualls will review the best and worst draft picks in the Arizona era. First up, here are the top-five picks that haunt Cardinals fans' dreams.

5. Levar Fisher 2002, 49th overall:

Drafted by the Cardinals with high hopes, the former ACC defensive player of the year never panned out. He played a mere two seasons with the Cardinals before he faded out of the league in 2005. Fisher was a talented linebacker in college but completed his NFL career with only one sack.

4. Tony Sacca, 1992, 46th overall:

The Cardinals reached for Sacca in the second round of the '92 draft, only to watch him play a total of two games before he was out of the league. His career stats currently stand at 4 completions, 2 interceptions, and 29 passing yards. Not exactly the kind of production expected from a top 50 draft pick.

3. Buster Davis 2007, 59th overall:

Physically gifted and heralded as a great mid-round pick, Davis quickly proved his supporters wrong by showing up over weight. The lack of motivation became glaringly apparent and the Cards parted ways with the underachieving linebacker before the season even started. Davis has gone on to see limited duty with the Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts. He has not played since 2008.

2. Wendell Bryant, 2002, 12th overall:

The headliner for arguably the worst draft in franchise history, the Cardinals selected a bevy of busts in 2002. Bryant played three seasons, accumulating 1.5 sacks and 39 total tackles. By selecting Bryant, the Cardinals missed out on Jeremy Shockey, Albert Haynesworth, Ed Reed, and Brian Westbrook.

1. Andre Wadsworth, 1998, 3rd overall:

As the poster boy for bad management decisions, Wadsworth's flop was overshadowed by the ultimate bust, Ryan Leaf. Wadsworth played only one full season in the NFL and managed a respectable 5.0 sacks. It went downhill from there and Wadsworth was out of the league by 2001.

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