Cardinals: Practice Squad Preview

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After the first 53 is finalized, the attention quickly turns to the practice squad.

Usually an undrafted rookie's main goal is to fight for a spot on the practice squad. This year for the Cardinals, four spots on the practice squad will be open due to the emergence of an abnormally large group of rookie free agents.

QB Max Hall, WR Stephen Williams, WR Max Komar and CB A.J. Jefferson are currently all part of the 53-man roster. Three are thought to be safe – Hall and Williams are locks with Komar looking good – but news of Jefferson making it has been a major upset. Jefferson would be the first one booted from this group if another more desirably player becomes available.

With those four now in the top 53, it makes the practice squad much harder to predict as it will consist of many new faces.

Out of the players we do know, CB Marshay Green is a good candidate to join the practice squad. The only thing stopping him is a claim from another team. Green had been making a major push for a roster spot but apparently Jefferson was better in the eyes of coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Two other players have reportedly joined the practice squad (nothing confirmed), former Minnesota Vikings RB Ian Johnson and WR Isaiah Williams, who was waived over the weekend by Arizona. If those additions are indeed true - and Green makes it back to the practice squad - it would leave five remaining spots.

While predicting the actual players is like picking a needle out of a haystack, the breakdown of positions is a little easier.

A linebacker or two will be in the mix and it's possible Chris Johnson - also waived over the weekend – could be a part of it. Other than Johnson, any additional options here would be outsiders as none of the other linebackers recently cut are practice squad eligible.

Similar to linebacker, there could be multiple offensive linemen on the practice squad. Jonathan Palmer and Tom Pestock are eligible but it might be a long shot for either to make it. Again, these spots will more than likely be filled by newcomers.

Due to the lack of depth at fullback, it's another area where the Cardinals might try to shore things up on the practice squad. Currently, the only fullback on the roster is Jerome Johnson – who was claimed Sunday from the New York Giants – and he's still relatively unproved in the league.

UPDATE: The Cardinals have filled six of eight practice squad spots.

RB Ian Johnson
WR Isaiah Williams
OL Herman Johnson
OL Tom Pestock
WR Tim Brown
LB Curtis Gatewood

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