Foiling Plans

Yesterday we spoke of the implications Kyle Turley going to the Rams present. Today we must look at the Jets acquiring the No. 13 spot in the Draft after not matching the offer sheet to Laveranues Coles as Coles became a Washington Redskin on Thursday.

Laveranues Coles was immediately replaced by former Charger Curtis Conway. Conway is a nice addition to the NY Jets and allows them to be selective in the first round instead of struggling to find another receiver. While it is possible that they could trade up, it remains unlikely with other needs pressing.

The Jets are looking to get quicker on defense much like the Chargers are. They can quickly accomplish that by drafting Boss Bailey, linebacker out of Georgia. Bailey has the speed and athleticism to aid the Jets defense into the future. With some older linebackers dotting the Jets roster, they may be in prime position to draft Bailey.

The Chargers have considered Bailey at the 15 spot, but it is not a desperate need as other positions appear to be. With the potential loss of Junior Seau, Bailey would be a great addition. Still it is unlikely, no matter how talented he can be.

More worrisome is the possibility of the Jets taking a defensive tackle at pick 13. There figures to be one of the big four left on the board when they pick. Jimmy Kennedy will be gone early, as will DeWayne Robertson, but one or both of either Kevin Williams or Johnathan Sullivan could still be on the board.

Williams is an ideal fit for the Chargers as they search for more athleticism on the interior of the defensive line. In fact there is no guarantee Williams will even last until the Jets select.

Sullivan may be the last of the big four defensive tackles left on the board, and as far as William Joseph has slid, he is not even in consideration. Sullivan brings something beyond just talent; he has a heart, unlike Joseph, and would thrive in NY under the direction of Head Coach Herm Edwards. Sullivan continues to elevate his stock and there is certain to be a run on defensive tackles much like last season.

Joseph has slid so far he may be an option at pick 22 (the second pick for the Jets in round one) or they may move in another direction, but the Jets first pick will tell us what they will do by pick 22.

Where does this leave the Chargers, and the plans they have carefully laid out like silverware at a fine dinner party. It leaves the forks and knives dirty on the floor as the team scrambles into plan B.

Plan B is woven with splinters, cobwebs and fire. It is not clear cut, despite the Chargers lust for Kwame Harris. There are many options still available, the most precious being a trade down. If the dice do not go the Chargers way for the first time during the Butler regime, trading down from that spot may be the best option. With many holes, especially on defense, it would be silly not to consider an option that places them in the bottom half of round one and nets an extra pick or two. Thus the value they desire will again be there.

With the Rams and Jets wreaking further havoc in the top of round one, the Chargers pick is anything but a certainty at this point.

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