Chat with Tony Pauline: Chargers Draft Part II

In part II of my conversation with Tony Pauiline, who covers the NFL Draft, the combines, Pro Days and all of College football, we find out a day two pick the Chargers are eyeing and some things that astonished Tony regarding Chargers Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer.

"So what other nuggets do you have for us?"

"A day two pick which I happen to love, Dan Klecko of Temple," says Tony.

"I love that little spitfire, he has a hell of a motor for a smaller guy," I add.

"Exactly and how can you not like a Klecko? As a NY Jets season ticket holder I also love the guy," Tony retorted.

"I agree. I used to have season tickets to the Jets as well when I was living in New Jersey."

"Klecko displayed explosion at the combines, the ability to quickly alter their angle of attack and he worked extremely hard. Klecko, looking like the little kid of the bunch, his relentless style made him stand above the rest."

"Are the Chargers serious in their pursuit of him? I would have thought a first rounder would be the way to go, or even a Nick Eason in round two."

"Yes, very serious. Seems the Chargers are realistic in their approach as to whether Williams will be available, or any top notch guy for that matter," Tony replied. "Klecko is a very coachable guy, and would fit it nicely under Coach Marty Schottenheimer."

"One interesting note, I was in the workout room with the second group of defensive backs, just about noon that Saturday watching the bench press results when Marty comes in with three of his people. What's so interesting about that is I have NEVER seen a Head Coach enter the workout room before. I have been covering the combines for a couple of years now and I have never seen that."

"Who was in that group that Coach may have been scouting," I ask.

"The second group was the cream of the crop, Terrance Newman, Marcus Trufant, Andre Woolfolk, and Dennis Weathersby."

"Did he take a particular interest in anyone specific?"

"No, he was interested in everyone there," Tony added. "It created quite a ruckus. I really have never seen a Head Coach in the weight room."

"So Denis, what do you think of your Draft last season? How is Quentin Jammer?"

"Quentin will be a fine player in this league. He had his ups and downs last year but missed all of camp and the first two games. With a full camp under his belt he will be something special. Last year he did a great job against Jerry Rice, when he was matched up against him, and can really lay some smack. I am very excited about seeing him grow into the shutdown corner we need. Again with a full camp and preseason he should really iron out those kinks from his rookie season."

"Toniu Fonoti played very well. He struggled a bit with his weight during the season and that may have contributed to hi injury as well as his tired legs towards the end of the season. He is still very young and will be phenomenal in the future blocking for LaDainian (Tomlinson).

"I only hope John Butler can be as lucky as he has been the past two years," I add.

"One thing I have to say," Tony began, "John Butler really looked bad when I saw him back during Senior Bowl week. He really did not look well at all. I don't even recall seeing him at the combines. "

"He was hospitalized this week," I add. "A real shame that he could not participate in the part of the job he loves."

"Tony, thanks for dropping by and giving us this information, we truly are appreciative."

"No problem Denis, as the time draws closer to the Draft, I should have more information for you guys."

Chargers Update personally thanks Tony Pauline for his constant work around the NFL and of course helping the fans in Chargerland get a head start on the NFL Draft in April. It was a pleasure to talk to him and get a feel for what he has seen first hand in regards to the Bolts. Thanks Tony, you are welcome anytime.

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