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This has been a very difficult week this week to concentrate on anything related to such great American distractions like the NFL Draft, the NCAA tournament, and the end of the NBA regular season. But I will do my best to do my part of providing some kind of entertainment for just a little while for those of us at home and keep my thoughts for those brave men and women out there fighting for this great country of ours.

Dr. J,

What is your feeling on overtime rule changes and how it could affect the future of the sport?

Also I happen to think a new playoff format (adding one more team to each division) would be a good idea. Do you think it is feasible? We are talking about millions more in profits for the city that hosts it. I don't see that as being a bad thing.

Cary, NC

Overtime needs to be changed. I would like to see a version of the college OT rule implemented. But instead of starting at the 25 yard line, I'd like to see them start at the 50 yard line. I remember how exciting this year's Fiesta Bowl was; wouldn't you like to see that in a playoff game this season?

As for expanding the playoffs, I think it's a bad idea. I don't want to see two or three 7-8 teams racing to score TD's in their final game of the year because it's down to the total TD's tiebreak for the 7th and final playoff spot.

If I were to choose which of the two would happen, I would guess that the playoffs would be expanded and the OT rule would remain the same. The NFL players association would probably nix the idea of playing more than they do already, and the idea of more money being poured into the NFL would be more than enticing to the owners…


Could it be possible that my beloved Bengals (yeah, I'm a sucker) are seriously going to stick with Jon Kitna and bypass Carson Palmer in favor of someone like Terrance Newman or maybe even Charles Rogers? How could they do this? Are they going to break my heart (yet again?)

Cincinatti, OH

I'm afraid that they will Carl. But to be fair to Mike Brown and company, I think the Bears' signing of Kordell Stewart pretty much took away their best bargaining chip. The only other team that might need a QB is Dallas at #5, but all indications show that the Cowboys are staying put. If the Bengals look at Jacksonville (8th overall) they will probably not get Newman or DE Terrell Suggs at that pick. The Bengals either pick Newman #1 or miss him entirely. They are stuck between a rock and a hardhead in the front office. But then again, that's nothing new.

Dr J,

Who is going to be the man in Cleveland, Tim Couch or Kelly Holcomb? I liked the way Holcomb handled the offense when he was in there so he'd be my pick. Any idea if they could use Couch as trade bait?

Cleveland, OH

What is this? A second e-mail from Ohio?

If I were Butch Davis, I'd start Holcomb too and try to trade Couch for some help on the defensive side of the ball. But the problem is, Couch's contract and his performance on the field has not brought forth many suitors. I think GM's around the league are waiting for Cleveland's price to go down before making a trade. If I were Arizona, I'd trade my 3rd round pick for him.

Why are the Chargers blaming Junior Seau for all of their defensive woes? Are they making up for their coaching failures? I mean, if I'm a defensive coordinator and I can't make a defense work with both Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison on my team, then something is wrong with me!

San Diego, CA.

You bring up a good point there Matt, but as much as those two were great leaders and warriors for this team and city, their best days are behind them. I understand the release of Harrison more than I understand the pending release of Seau more even though I feel that even without Seau, this team's LB corps is pretty solid and the Chargers have yet to address their glaring need at safety.

Seau should finish his career here and should be treated better by this team than he has been. His body may be failing him, but that fire and spirit is still very much there. And this team could use more of it, even if it means he's a high priced part timer.

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