New Developments?

The Detroit Lions signed Na'il Diggs, a restricted free agent from Green Bay, to an offer sheet last Sunday. Now according to team sources, it appears the Packers will match the offer. These developments could put Junior Seau back on the map with Detroit. Detroit has always had mild interest, but now may have to turn to contingency plans which may include Seau. The Bucs may also have some interest in Seau.

The offer Detroit made is for $10.5 million over four years. The Packers have until Sunday to decide whether they will match the offer and keep Diggs, a three-year veteran strong-side linebacker, or let him go. In return, they would get the Lions' fourth-round pick in the April 26-27 draft.

The Green Bay Packers might wait until Sunday's deadline, but the team will retain linebacker Na'il Diggs by matching the offer sheet he signed with the Detroit Lions. Team sources on Wednesday said matching the four-year, $10.5 million contract offer will fit under their salary cap without jeopardizing their chances to either sign defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila to a long-term contract or match an offer sheet he might sign with another team.

Now the Lions are left with just one linebacker, Barrett Green on the weak side. Last year's middle linebacker, Chris Claiborne, has signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

Although Steve Mariucci spoke briefly with Junior Seau's agent Marvin Demoff, chief operating officer Tom Lewand said the Lions have no plans to pursue the former San Diego linebacker who was gievn permission to seek a trade last week.

This was before the Packers decided to match the offer. The Lions have the cap room, and may become desperate for a playmaker. Seau's best years may be behind him, but he is still more than capable, especially when healthy.

Green Bay may even have interest despite matching the contract for Diggs. Mike Sherman, the Packers Head Coach said the Packers are interested. "Whether he has an interest in us is another thing," he said. "Basically, we're just trying to figure out what it would take to get him."

Charlie Clemmons and Earl Holmes are among the other backup plans for Detroit. One positive in San Diego is the need in Detroit for a quality linebacker spurning on talks of Junior Seau in other towns, such as Miami who has already shown interest.

The tough sell remains a $2.7 million dollar roster bonus due to Seau on tax day, April 15th.

Most teams are stating publicly that they will not trade for Seau, but the fact is these teams may be scrambling with the recent developments and be forced to make a move.

Seau talked to Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden as well this week. He would love to play in Tampa, as would many.

"I told Junior that we have a weakside linebacker that we like a little bit in No. 55 [Derrick Brooks], and Junior let me know that he can play over the tight end, too," Gruden said.

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