Seau Interest Remains High

Junior Seau said Tuesday he wants to play for a competitive team and one that plays at San Diego next season. That would give him a chance to prove his former team wrong for letting him go. The Dolphins visit San Diego next season. Green Bay and Arizona, both of which have called the Chargers about trading for Seau, do not.

Junior Seau remains very interested in the Miami Dolphins and it appears the interest is more than mutual.

"They're interested in me and I'm definitely interested in them," Seau said of the Dolphins. "Everyone is sitting back and waiting to see what the Chargers bite on."

Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt was more careful in his approach to the situation.

"I never said that outside linebacker was a problem. I am very comfortable with Derrick (Rodgers) and with Morlon Greenwood. A player of Junior's caliber, we have an obligation to follow through with this and see what is going on. That is where it is at. No more and no less. It has been documented that several teams have inquired. Several teams have had some conversations. We fall into that category. There are a lot of things that would have to be worked out. He is under contract right now. All I can tell you is, and the truth is we have followed through, we have made some inquires and that is where it is at. Is he a heck of a player? Sure he is. Whether something will happen or could happen, I don't know."

''Are we looking into it? Yes, but not because we're disappointed with our guys,'' Wannstedt said. ``At this point, I wouldn't put anymore stock in it one way or another.''

Seau has had multiple discussions with Dolphins coaches, and the organization meets his criteria in that it has good players, with an excellent chance to make the playoffs over the next few years.

"I think that a player of his (Junior Seau) caliber, with his intensity, brings an additional form of leadership and intensity to your team," Wannstedt added.

"The contract is awful involved, though, as far as how much money is due to him and what you would have to give up," Wannstedt said. "And that is probably why nothing with anybody has happened now. There has been half a dozen or so teams that have inquired about it, but it is a little bit more complicated that what is being talked about."

Arizona does not meet those criteria despite having the most cap room among the teams interested.

A deal could happen quickly especially once April 15th and a $2.7 million bonus passes. Before then the only hope is Seau restructures contingent upon a deal being struck. A low round draft pick remains the compensation and the Chargers are said to be looking for a fourth rounder. In the end they will take what they can get.

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