All-Pro Scouting graced us with more information than we can handle in a LIVE CHAT on Wednesday night over at the Bernie's Insider. Gambill entertained and delighted to the spirited crowd. He spent time filtering through questions and answering them to the best of his ability within the inner circle."> All-Pro Scouting graced us with more information than we can handle in a LIVE CHAT on Wednesday night over at the Bernie's Insider. Gambill entertained and delighted to the spirited crowd. He spent time filtering through questions and answering them to the best of his ability within the inner circle.">

Matt Gambill Chat Transcript

Matt Gambill from <a href="" target="AP">All-Pro Scouting</a> graced us with more information than we can handle in a LIVE CHAT on Wednesday night over at the Bernie's Insider. Gambill entertained and delighted to the spirited crowd. He spent time filtering through questions and answering them to the best of his ability within the inner circle.

Draft guru Matt Gambill from All-Pro Scouting visited the chat room on Wednesday night, and talked to Browns fans, and fans from all over the NFL. The needs of the Browns and other teams was discussed, along with potential draft sleepers and players expected to be taken in later rounds.

MattGambill has entered the room

CP: hey everybody, I'll be locking the room down soon so it doesn't get out of hand, so send me a message to get in line to ask Matt a question

Matt Gambill: thanks for having me again this year

artbtz: CP is running the chat... page him if you want to talk to Matt.

DawgHowl: can Hunter run block?

nettss77: cp can i talk

Matt Gambill: that's his weakness

hawaii49: Hey, Matt, am I one of they "guys"?

DawgHowl: hmm good reason not to draft him then

artbtz: When CP locks down the chat room, only those with "voice" will be able to have the floor.

Matt Gambill: hey sadie.....your one of the ladies

artbtz: CP is the gatekeeper, so let him know if you want in line.

CP: I prefer the term "cryptkeeper"

ramllov: Matt, how do you rate this draft?

artbtz: :-)

Matt Gambill: ram...I think it's an average draft at best

VT: Hey cp how do I do that

Matt Gambill: not too many special players

ramllov: Good players through the fourth round?

Matt Gambill: oh yeah

Matt Gambill: it's solid in depth

ramllov: fifth round?

CP: you just did VT... you are 3rd, behind Gridiron and djm

Matt Gambill: depends on position

ramllov: ok thanks

CP: dropping the hammer...

Matt Gambill: they're bringing in Hunter soon

CP: thanks to Matt Gambill for coming tonight, check out his draft info at

Matt Gambill: thanks for having me

CP: anything you'd like to say about your site or services before we get going?

Matt Gambill: It's a draft related site with a lot of free info and some really in depth couting reports in the premium section

Matt Gambill: $19.95

Matt Gambill: :-)

CP: well, we'll let gridiron get his shot

Gridiron: Matt, if the Saints trade up, what one team would they trade with. I know you have mentioned the 5-8 range.

CP: please have your first question typed and ready to go

Matt Gambill: I know they're targeting the 6th hole, but it appears they me now be targeting the 4th pick. They really would like to get Newman or Trufant, but both could be gone in the top 5

Matt Gambill: the 6th pick would be for Dewayne Robertson

Matt Gambill: unless Marcus is around

Gridiron: Talk to us about Tillman and Garrett and what range will they go? 2-b 3-a?

Matt Gambill: I love Charles Tillman. He's a big/physical player who can play CB and FS. Alot of value here. I think he is worth a 2, but will likely be a 3

VT: Is he worth a 2nd rd pick?

Matt Gambill: I don't know if they will or not, but I am sure that BD and the boys will be all over the best player available in round 2

Matt Gambill: he is worth a 2 easily

VT: Thanks Matt you have been helpful

Matt Gambill: thanks alot bro

jetranger: hello, my question is who do you think will fall in the Draft, last year was Buchanon?

Matt Gambill: I think that Leftwich will fall. I also think Jordan Gross could make it out of the top 10. It will be interesting to see

Matt Gambill: Buchanon should have been the 5th pick

Matt Gambill: Jammer is garbage and should play FS

Matt Gambill: i had to get that in

jetranger: Also would the Chargers be an optimal trade down team with Cleveland since they are known to like a few guys along the O-line?

jetranger: haha, Jammer looked solid this past season, I don't know about garbage just yet

Matt Gambill: Well, like Cleveland, SD really does love Hunter from Hawaii and have visited with him already. He's generated a lot of attention

Matt Gambill: Marty wants a CB/LT/DT

jetranger: What is the difference between Mathis and Polamalu?

Matt Gambill: Mathis makes plays and is more versatile

Matt Gambill: bigger

Matt Gambill: stronger

Matt Gambill: Troy has the speed

jetranger: Who would be that CB target since the top two will be gone and there is a significant drop off, at least in my eyes

Matt Gambill: I agree with u in the drop off

Matt Gambill: I think Rashean/Woolfolk/Tillman/Strickland are next in line

jetranger: Could Rashean sneak that high up?

Matt Gambill: Donald Strickland is a FABULOUS player who gets no love

Matt Gambill: I think Rashean will get looks in the top 25 for sure

Matt Gambill: KC loves him

Matt Gambill: as does my Saints

jetranger: Lastly, who would be a good DT selection in round two and why?

jetranger: ...and thanks for your time

Matt Gambill: Ty Warren would be a great pick in round two. He's got unlimited talent, but has yet to put it all together

what's your opinion on bailey and pierce

hi Matt

Matt Gambill: Both are overrated, but I think Boss is just a sick athlete. Bailey projects well as a weakside backer

Matt Gambill: Terry is a IB/SLB

Matt Gambill: really love his upside

Matt Gambill: but he needs to condition himself better

Matt Gambill: he's been a bit soft lately

Matt Gambill: came in at 256 earlier in the month

you stated you really like Steinbach why?

Matt Gambill: he works out again Fri

Matt Gambill: what's not to like? he can play LT and LG, big, strong, athletic, natural knee bend, great feet, well-coached, etc, etc

Matt Gambill: he's a stud

Matt Gambill: as long as his health is good, he will be great

many have said he's a tweener

Matt Gambill: how is he a tweener?

Matt Gambill: he's a football player and a good one at that

small for a guard?

Matt Gambill: tweener isn't a good way to describe him

Matt Gambill: he's 6055

Matt Gambill: 297

not tall weight

Matt Gambill: it's all in the arms, strength, hand strength, and feet


Matt Gambill: and he has all of that

what about Faine and where will he go?

Matt Gambill: I think Jeff will get looks in the later portion of round one. He's a great player with a real MEAN streak

Matt Gambill: Oakland will look at him, I'm sure

thanks Matt for the time

Matt Gambill: thanks

manlydude: Is the April 5th Medical re-evaluation the only time teams will be able to medically checkout McGahee, and do all teams send a medical rep to the April 5th session? Send a medical rep to the April 5th session?

Matt Gambill: hey manly

Matt Gambill: the ones interested will surely send reps, but the teams also do physicals at the private visits

manlydude: Many mock drafts have KC taking Kelsey, wouldn't the go CB if McDougle wasn't there?

Matt Gambill: I think so....Kelsay is horrible. He was beaten down all week in Mobile by Tony Pashos...I see nothing in him that I like other than hustle

manlydude: Is Suggs really capable of being an every down back in the NFL? I'm just not convinced.

Matt Gambill: He's another overrated player from NEB

Matt Gambill: it's hard to say, but he runs with a low pad level and really doesn't take alot of hard hits

Matt Gambill: so his body is fresh

manlydude: Thanks for the time, I really respect you guys that run websites and take continually hits from idiots on your message boards.

Matt Gambill: thanks bro

Matt Gambill: idiots are everywhere

chuckwildcats: hey matt when's the draft? lol

Matt Gambill: what up chuck

Matt Gambill: 24 days

Matt Gambill: ha-ha

chuckwildcats: would you trade the first for second and a fourth?

Matt Gambill: depends on the numbers of those picks, but unlikely

chuckwildcats: what about the cie grant what round?

Matt Gambill: Cie is a weakside backer al the way....I see him as a 5th rounder

Matt Gambill: needs to learn the LB position

chuckwildcats: later sorry for your loss, later

Matt Gambill: very impressive athlete

Matt Gambill: thanks

jmazzulo920 Matt, of these few players, whom do you see having the most impact in their rookie seasons, Boss Bailey, EJ Henderson, Terry Pierce at LB, and Jerome McDougal, William Joseph Jonathan Sullivan at DL? and which is the best fit for Cleveland?

Matt Gambill: I think that Sullivan and McDougle have the chance to have the biggest impacts, but it all will have to do with where these players end up

Matt Gambill: I see really good possibilities for one of the LB's in Cleveland

Matt Gambill: is Courtney ready to step up?

jmazzulo920 don't get me started on Courtney, what LB are you talking about?

Matt Gambill: Well, I can see them looking at Bailey in round one, but I still think they go OT or DE in round one.

Matt Gambill: they're bringing in Barnett-LB-Oregon State

Matt Gambill: as well as Chaun Thompson-LB-West Texas A&M

Matt Gambill: clearly LB is a priority

jmazzulo920 Last Q, what do you think of Dan Klecko, I'd love to see the Browns land him in day 2

Matt Gambill: OT, DE, CB, FS, SS, IB, OB need to be addressed

Matt Gambill: Dan is a tough nosed kid. Just a little small for a tackle. He may see success as a NG, but may have value if moved to DE

Matt Gambill: he is a good athlete too

Matt Gambill: but at 5'11"

Matt Gambill: kind tough

jmazzulo920 Thanks a lot, keep up the great work

Matt Gambill: James Reed is the only 5'11 DT I can think of

nettss77: hey matt, your thoughts on Chris kern DB, from Mount Union and Shawn Lazarus DT from Mich. and Seth Wand OL I like the guys no one has really herd of.

Matt Gambill: Kern is a great athlete who has been a good cover man at the D-3 level. I rate him as a 5/6 rounder

Matt Gambill: Lazarus is a physical presence at the POA with good strength and balance, but really isn't a vertical player and struggles laterally

nettss77: any other guys we need to watch as hidden gems

Matt Gambill: I see him as an UDFA

Matt Gambill: Wand has been a favorite of mine all year. Good lower level player who has the size, strength, to make things work, but he needs to be coached

Matt Gambill: 5th

nettss77: Adams VS. Kennedy from

Matt Gambill: I really love this kid Brenden Givan-LB-Stillman College, as well as Tim Love-DT-Harding

Matt Gambill: these guys are good players

nettss77: Adams makes more plays it seems like but Kennedy is just huge

Matt Gambill: there a ton of Hidden Gems though

Matt Gambill: Adams is a good player

Matt Gambill: but benefits from Jimmy being double teamed

nettss77: thanks I'm out PEACE

Matt Gambill: as does Haynes

Matt Gambill:...

Matt Gambill: hey zed

zedrational: I'm a 49ers fan, and I think Kenny Peterson would be perfect for my team. Are the 49ers interested? Will Peterson be available at #26?

zedrational: Hi!

Matt Gambill: Kenny would be a great fit for the Niners, but the Giants are VERY high on him as well. I think he MIGHT be around. Versatile player...can play DT and DE

zedrational: Damn! I hope the Giants don't snatch right out from under our noses!

zedrational: Is Jonathan Sullivan slipping? I've heard that he is putting on some flab.

Matt Gambill: Johnathan was always soft

Matt Gambill: he will be atop 20 pick though

zedrational: How about Cory Redding? I like the fact that he has thrown the discus.

zedrational: Those discus and shot put guys have good explosion out of the stance

Matt Gambill: Cory was the High School Defensive Player of the Year in 1998. He is loaded with ability, but will be a clear second rounder. He'd be a reach in round one

Matt Gambill: i agree zed

Matt Gambill: explosiveness is key

Matt Gambill: in any player

zedrational: I think the 49ers are desperate for a DT--anyone in the later rounds?

Matt Gambill: Tim Love-Harding, Kris Dielman-Indiana, Greg Walls-USF, there's a ton of late round depth at DT

Matt Gambill: Aubrayo Franklin at UT

zedrational: As you may remember, I'm a huge David Kircus fan. Now that he has run the fastest 3-cone drill in the nation, does he move up in the draft a little?

zedrational: I'm only being a little bit facetious

Matt Gambill: I think Dave is still a 4/5 at best because he is thin and has little strength in his upper body

zedrational: I think the Niners are going to need a qb in a year or two--any mid-round success stories in the making?

Matt Gambill: Marquel Blackwell is someone I like a lot, but he's 5'11...Keep an eye on Tony Romo from Eastern Illinois

zedrational: Finally, I'm a big Tony Gilbert fan--I think he's a better linebacker than Boss Bailey. He reminds me of Hacksaw Reynolds. What do you think?

Matt Gambill: Blankenship from Eastern Washington too

zedrational: I like Romo.

zedrational: He threw a 76-yard TD pass to Kircus in the Paradise Bowl

Matt Gambill: I think he's a better football player now, and a better tackler, but Boss is a sick athlete with a ton of ability if he stays healthy

zedrational: What round?

Matt Gambill: 6

Matt Gambill: maybe 5

zedrational: Thanks, Matt! Enjoyed it, as always.

Matt Gambill: thanks zed!

Matt Gambill: hey new

newdawg: Hi Matt. Welcome back.

newdawg: back.

Matt Gambill: thanks

newdawg: I am going to bring up Courtney.

Matt Gambill: ok

newdawg: Why, in your opinion has he played so badly.

Matt Gambill: I think injury has played a big factor in his play. When he is on his game, he can get 12-15 sacks a year...this is his year to finally make it happen

Matt Gambill: I'm sure everyone is low on patience

newdawg: will he ever get on his game?

Matt Gambill: I surely hope so for his sake and for the Brown's sake

newdawg: that's all for me.

Matt Gambill: this is it for him though, I think

Matt Gambill: it needs to happen now

newdawg: CP. I'm done.

octane47: what's your thoughts on Khaild Abdullaha, do you see him as a weak side LB only or can he play strong?

Matt Gambill: I think he is a weakside backer all the way.....I worry about his character...he's been arrested 5 or 6 times

Matt Gambill: and of course, his brother is nuts

octane47: any news on what the colts are looking at, Nick Barnett, Rashean Mathis?

Matt Gambill: I'm glad you brought up Indy and Nick Barnett....this is a legit possibility here

Matt Gambill: They really love him, as does KC and GB

Matt Gambill: Mathis/Battle in the secondary

Matt Gambill: Dungy wants versatile players with speed

octane47: are Donald Strickland's past concussions, and various injuries a concern

Matt Gambill: I think some teams will surely have concern because of his aggressive style of play, but from everyone I spoke to he will likely be a top 4 round guy. I have him graded as a three. Best tackler at the CB position in the draft

octane47: how is Zack Hiltons receiving skills?

Matt Gambill: they are solid...nothing great, but he's a huge player with good athleticism. Decent blocker.

Matt Gambill: he has a lot of David LaFleur in him

octane47: does Brenden Given have the fundamentals to play now in the NFL , or does he need a lot of coaching?

Matt Gambill: he needs to be coached

Matt Gambill: but his raw skills are tremendous

Matt Gambill: he was recruited by UGA, FSU and others

octane47: so it's not just the competition issue?

Matt Gambill: didn't have the grades though

Matt Gambill: I don't buy into the level of play stuff....if you can play, you can play

Matt Gambill: players can be coached

octane47: still undrafted or has he snuck in the later rounds?

Matt Gambill: he'll go undrafted

Matt Gambill: but will be in camp

Matt Gambill: he's a project though

CP: anything else octane?

octane47: Alright, thanks matt great info as always, i'm done

Matt Gambill: Thank octane

nettss77: any numbers on seth wand i know he is big but anything else

CP: I've opened up the room, Matt feel free to stay as long as you want, and to leave when you want

Jackson: Matt - who do you hear the Browns are really interested in?

DawgHowl: Matt: your thoughts on George Foster?

hawaii49: Aloha, Matt! You dropped my guy Mat McBriar from your rankings, just curious why? You don't have eddie Johnson on either? (For Zed) Which punters do you see being drafted and in what round? Mahalo!

Matt Gambill: ran 5.25, 35 34" arms which are LONGGGGGGGGG

CP: as always, it's been a HUGE pleasure having you in, and we'll have to do this again before the draft! ;-)

chuckwildcats: Haynes or Steinbach in the first?

nettss77: thanks man

Matt Gambill: Sadie....Mat needs to show more consistency...Hawaii's special teams coach said he can be great, but he lack consistency

Thanks Matt

nettss77: 35 reps

DawgHowl: Steinbach...please no Haynes

newdawg: will Steinbach be there when we pick?

Matt Gambill: Steinbach is a stud

Matt Gambill: maybe

Matt Gambill: hard to say

Nokio8423: Matt were do u see DE Michael Hayes going?

DawgHowl: I hope so

Matt Gambill: I think Michael is an early two

DawgHowl: is Foster worth a first round look?

ramllov: Matt. How many first round LT are there?

Matt Gambill: no Dawg

Matt Gambill: 2nd

Matt Gambill: Gross, Hunter, Steinbach

Matt, thanks for your insights, which db would you take for the chargers at #46.

Matt Gambill: Sammy Davis if he is there

nettss77: not Harris

zedrational: Hey Matt, on behalf of my friend maddog49, Pittsburgh's Shawn Robinson is eligible for the draft. Any thoughts on him as a late-round hidden gem? maddog has a pretty good record for finding guys like him.

DawgHowl: Harris is first isn't he?

Jackson: Would the Browns take Hunter at #21?

ramllov: does George Foster have a high injury worry?

Matt Gambill: I have to re-evaluate Shawn Zed

Matt Gambill: Harris is a RT

zedrational: Looking forward to it.

DawgHowl: Hunters lack of run blocking ability worries me

Matt Gambill: George is soft too

Matt Gambill: Hunter would be welcomed in Cle

Matt what about Wilhelm & Doss where and how good will they be??

newdawg: how good of a run blocker is Steinbech?

zedrational: Sadie, how many times do I have to tell you--never draft a punter when a guy like Mat McBriar will be available after the draft.

Jackson: what do you think of Montrae Holland?

chuckwildcats: what about d diehl g from ill. what round?

ramllov: Could Steinback start a guard or LT in Cleveland the first year?

nettss77: matt what about Max Starks in '04

Matt Gambill: Wilhelm I think needs to play on the strongside. Doss is an in the box safety with NO COVER SKILLS.....think Sammy Knight

DawgHowl: I just really hope Steinbach falls to us

Nokio8423: Matt are there any underrated OG. that could be draft later that might be a steal?

Matt Gambill: Starks needs to be 20 ability though

jetranger: Kevin Williams the stud I think he is?

Gridiron: Ram, his injury was his right wrist. Hurt it in a car accident. IIRC, he wore a soft cast all season.

Matt Gambill: KW is a STUD

Jackson: What OT will be there at #21?

ramllov: Thanks Grid

DawgHowl: I think Montrae Holland is an underrated Guard

Matt Gambill: I think Harris/Steinbach/Hunter could be there

Matt Gambill: someone will be around though

Matt Gambill: Montrae Holland is rated #1 on my board at OG

DawgHowl: right on

nettss77: what happen to Dockery?

chuckwildcats: do you think McDougle is butch pick?

DawgHowl: the guy looks like a road grader when he run blocks

Matt Gambill: he's horrible

zedrational: Matt, can Faine play guard? Is he a better bet than Holland?

Matt Gambill: poorly conditioned

Matt Gambill: not athletic

Matt Gambill: stiff

Matt Gambill: etc etc

Matt Gambill: yes zed

djm: matt what's up with keith burnell I've seen his computer numbers and they're impressive, sleeper potential?, can he return kicks/punts?

Matt Gambill: RG

Jackson: Holland and the fa guard from last year would make a huge set of OG's for the Browns.

Matt Gambill: he can return kicks for sure...he's an impatient RB though

Matt Gambill: I would try him as a CB

ramllov: Can Faine play guard, what about Fowler, would he be a wasted pick?

DawgHowl: would love Holland in a browns uniform

Nokio8423: Matt what do u think about Nate Burleson ?

Matt Gambill: Melvin will come around

Matt Gambill: Faine can play RG

if Leftwich falls , who's going to say "screw you we'll take him from 11-19

zedrational: Ditto Burleson

Matt Gambill: Burleson is a very productive player with good size and speed

Matt Gambill: 3rd round

Jackson: Will Holland be there in the 2nd round for the Browns?

jetranger: Who is the best player no one has heard of?

Matt Gambill: MAYBE...I think it's possible

Gridiron: I don't think Leftwich gets past Billick.

DawgHowl: is it true that Faine doesn't have a flaw in his game?

chuckwildcats: what about Sam Williams linebacker?

zedrational: I think Faine may be this years Bentley

Matt Gambill: best player no one has heard of....well, i would say Chaun Thompson, but, not anymore

jetranger: Interesting thanks

Matt Gambill: how about Charles Alston-DE-Bowie State

jetranger: Is Eugene Wilson a bum and overrated?

jetranger: That one works

Matt Gambill: yes jet

Matt Gambill: cover 2 player

Jackson: Is Andy Groom an NFL punter?

Matt Gambill: yes he is

Jackson: Will Groom be drafted?

Nokio8423: matt What are your thoughts on Shane Walton....IMO the guy is a play maker

DawgHowl: who will be the better pro Weathersby or Woolfolk?

Matt Gambill: if he does, it will be very late

Matt Gambill: I love Shane

Matt Gambill: people are down on his forty

Matt Gambill: but he is great with his ball skills

Matt Gambill: he just makes things happen

jetranger: What is so special about Alston?

djm: how about gerome sapp?

Nokio8423: yep

Jackson: Bet the Browns could sign Groom easily if he doesn't get drafted.

Hi Matt, I hear the Eagles are interested in LJ Smith would he be their 2nd or 3rd round target?

matt, can Polamalu make it to #46

Gridiron: Walton needs to play in a Cover 2 scheme, doesn't he?

Nokio8423: Hopefully Vontez Duff gets the hype he deserves

Matt Gambill: U have to watch film on Chuck....size, strength, explosive, has good hands

Matt Gambill: yeah Grid

DawgHowl: Matt: ur thoughts on Weathersby?

Matt Gambill: In all likelihood

Guest38: Matt-in your opinion, who is the best defensive rusher...DE or LB that may fall to 21?

zedrational: I asked you once about Unck from Arizona Sate, who I think will be a special teams phenom. But I neglected to ask if you think he will be drafted. What do you think?

Matt Gambill: Dennis is big, fast, but has some issues

Matt Gambill: Jerome McDougle

DawgHowl: I hear he is inconsistent

Matt Gambill: nah Zed

Matt Gambill: Jerome?

ramllov: Would Butch take Jerome McDougle?

DawgHowl: Dennis

Matt Gambill: he is

Matt Gambill: BD would likely love to have him

Matt Gambill: he can play SLB too

DawgHowl: McDougle would be nice in a browns uni

Matt Gambill: i agree

ramllov: A faster Miller?

Matt Gambill: better all the way around

Guest38: What about Boss Bailey-will he be gone then or 2nd to

Matt Gambill: hard to say

zedrational: Do you think Boller gets past the Ravens?

Matt Gambill: not a chance

jetranger: Who is the best strictly pass rusher in the latter rounds?

Guest287: Is there a chance with so many teams looking to trade down that Butch goes up and get Andre Johnson and then trades KJ?

Nokio8423: pace

chuckwildcats: is holt a strong safety? and what round?

Matt Gambill: Shantee Orr

Gridiron: If Boller and Leftwich are there for the Ravens, who do they take?

hawaii49: which players are going to be really nailed by bad character issues and which ones will be able to rise above bad character issues in terms of draft positions?

ramllov: Matt, with Newsome drafting for Baltimore, they could be a very good team very quickly?

Matt Gambill: i agree...Ozzie is my boy....he won't mess around

Jackson: What do you think of last year's lb picks - Bentley, Davis, and Taylor?

jetranger: I love Holt, too bad he has dropped to the fourth, unless you need a special teamer real bad

VT: Matt do you think the Hurricanes players are overrated?

Matt Gambill: I like all of them

DawgHowl: is Gerald Hayes a good MLB?

Matt Gambill: not at all

Matt Gambill: Gerald can play SLB or MIKE

nettss77: is battle that good or just a work out guy

Will Kenny Petersons tweaked hammy hurt his stock in the draft much.

Nokio8423: Matt why has Taylor Jacobs hype he still a 1st rounder?

VT: l

newdawg: isn't Andre Davis a little slow?

Jackson: Couch or Holcomb?

DawgHowl: nice, would like him if we could somehow get him in the second

Matt Gambill: to answer ur question, a lot of players are dropping due to poor character

VT: Davis isn't slow

Matt Gambill: KELLY

Matt Gambill: lol

Jackson: Right on!!!

Matt Gambill: he just seems to have the respect

VT: No Kelly

jetranger: Hamlin worth the risk?

Matt Gambill: I think he is

DawgHowl: Hamlin looks like he has game

Matt Gambill: he does

Matt Gambill: good player

Matt Gambill: Nnamdi Asomugha

Matt Gambill: remember that name

Matt Gambill: he is a baller

VT: he has character problems

Guest38: Matt-can you tell us a little more about Hunter?

aaronwilson: Matt, what do you think Baltimore will do with 10th overall selection. Could the Kyle Boller hype be true, or it is more of a smokescreen with a defensive lineman being most likely scenario?

nettss77: Hamlin/battle who is better

Nokio8423: yea he does. But his coverage is around were robert griffith is

Matt Gambill: Boller or Leftwich at 10

ramllov: Matt, I would like your comments on Andre Davis, can he start and is he quick enough for a three down MLB?

Jackson: who wins the AFC North this year?

Nokio8423: coverage*

aaronwilson: Thanks, Matt.

DawgHowl: course I don't see us getting a safety until later day 2 if we do go S

chuckwildcats: what do think of B green de Baylor what round ?

Matt Gambill: Ram...if he can play at 100%, he can be a 3 down IB, but as of now, I see him as a run stopping IB

Doglover: Matt, I'm pretty sure you laid claim to the least accurate mock draft on the internet last year. Do you have more of the same planned for this year?

zedrational: How could anyone forget a name like Nnamdi Asomugha???

Matt Gambill: Green plays at Rice

aaronwilson: Do you think E.J. Henderson is legit, or suspect?

jetranger: I really like Jon Stinchcomb, who has the hots for him?

Jackson: Matt - if you were a tree...

jetranger: LOL doglover

Matt Gambill: Doglover, ur a goof

aaronwilson: What's your thoughts on Henderson's movement and hitting ability.

Matt Gambill: mock drafts mean nothing

DawgHowl: Stinchcomb rt or lt in nfl?

Doglover: Its da' troof.

Matt Gambill: I think he is a LT

DawgHowl: cool, I like him

Matt Gambill: i do too

jetranger: Can he also play guard

Matt Gambill: I wouldn't waste that skill at guard unless I had to

Nokio8423: Matt are the Bengals considering anyone than palmer. or is it just a smoke screen

jetranger: just asking sheesh, heehee

Doglover: See, he got that wrong too.

Matt Gambill: Newman and Rogers are also getting looks in Cincy

aaronwilson: Any intel on E.J. Henderson, Matt.

Matt Gambill: two down IB

hawaii49: Where do you see Stinchcomb being drafted?

Matt Gambill: poor in coverage

aaronwilson: Thanks.

VT: what's up with Polamalu?

Matt Gambill: I think Stinchcomb will be a two

chuckwildcats: graham rb fla is he a good 4 rounder?

Gridiron: still there at 52


Matt Gambill: great athlete, but needs to make more plays

Matt Gambill: I don't think so Grid

Guest287: Matt, with so many teams looking to trade out of the top picks, could Butch trade KJ and then jump up and take Andre Johnson?

Matt Gambill: but it's possible

ramllov: Would the Browns be happy with Stinchcomb at LT?

Gridiron: thats what I thought

Matt Gambill: I would say yes

djm: what do you think of Quentin griffin matt?

Jackson: And with the 21st pick in the first round the Browns pick.....

aaronwilson: Are you a Kevin Williams fan? Supposed to be a tough customer out of Oklahoma State? Could he play nose guard? Can anyone be this year's Casey Hampton as a true 3-4 nose guard?

hawaii49: Does Stinchcomb seem like a Niner kind of offensive lineman?

Matt Gambill: indeed he does Sadie

DawgHowl: I think we should all pimp Steinbach and hope he is there

Matt Gambill: I love KW

Matt Gambill: he is a baller

Matt Gambill: dominating player in Mobile

Matt Gambill: i agree Howl

aaronwilson: Yeah, could he hold up in middle. Is he stout enough?

Matt Gambill: yes

Matt Gambill: he can hold up well

aaronwilson: Thanks.

jetranger: Does Mike Doss deserve more hype, he seems to be falling a bit

Matt Gambill: as long as he is in a 3 technique

Jackson: Steinbach would be great - I just hope he's there

Matt Gambill: Doss is overrated as it is

DawgHowl: the more I read and hear about Steinbach the more I like this guy

chuckwildcats: me to

Matt Gambill: nothing not to like

jetranger: Good I was thinking the same, just testing you Matt

Guest287: Are the Browns looking at Woolfolk in the first round?

Nokio8423: Matt Dewayne Robertson the best DT in this draft? Put up those stats on Kentucky u have to be talented

Nokio8423: Dewayne*

Matt Gambill: I like Dewayne

Matt Gambill: stud player

aaronwilson: Is Boller's meteoric rise going to carry him into top 15, or is this overblown hype. Cal student newspaper called him Jesus in Cleats coming out of high school.

zedrational: Wade Smith! Left tackle? He'd look good in a Niners uniform.

Jackson: Bruce Nelson?

hawaii49: I love those Georgia guys. My son went there and I saw a few great games! What about the other offensive line guys, Jackson and Breedlove, will they be drafted and where? Clemmons?

DawgHowl: thoughts on William Joesph?

Matt Gambill: yes zed

octane47: matt you think shabazz is a better prospect then Doss

zedrational: Third round too high?

VT: Matt where do you think Troy Polamalu will go?

zedrational: for smith I mean?

Matt Gambill: he was a top 25 high school player in America when he committed to Cal

Matt Gambill: he is a STUD

Nokio8423: Taylor Jacobs still a 1st rounder??

Matt Gambill: 2nd round on Troy

Matt Gambill: yes he is

aaronwilson: Thanks

jetranger: Asomugha have a bright future?

Matt Gambill: I would rather Doss because he is great in the box

Doglover: Matt, you ever go over to GBN or Boomer's sites? They're pretty good.

DawgHowl: are the Joseph comparisons to Sapp crazy?

Matt Gambill: I know Rob Rang very well

Matt Gambill: good guy

Matt Gambill: very crazy

Guest287: Sapp is overrated

Nokio8423: i think Joseph is good at everything. but not great at anything

aaronwilson: I heard Jimmy Kennedy wasn't very team-oriented. Any truth to that rumor about Penn State d-lineman.

DawgHowl: that's what I thought

DawgHowl: thanks

Matt Gambill: i have heard that too

aaronwilson: Is Michael Haynes like Courtney Brown, or is he more of a mean streak guy?

matt, you like musa smith a lot - when do you see him going and who is interested in him?

Matt Gambill: Haynes couldn't touch Courtney

Nokio8423: lol

Guest287: Musa Smith is injury prone

Jackson: Why will Steinbach last until 21?

Matt Gambill: Musa will get looks late in round one, but is likely a two

jetranger: Steve Sciullo better than his Draft status suggests?

Matt Gambill: I don't think he is

zedrational: Alex Jackson had a monster Hula Bowl, but didn't test well. What do you think of him?

Matt Gambill: Sciullo's only value is his versatility

DawgHowl: because Steinbach is meant to be a Cleveland brown heh

Nokio8423: Matt thoughts on Ricky Manning Jr

zedrational: Alonzo, I mean

Matt Gambill: good straight line blocker zed who isn't good in space

aaronwilson: Any chance of Todd Wike of Maryland being a first-day pick?

Doglover: Matt, in what round do you see Baba Booey going?

VT: Matt will Andy Groom be drafted?

Matt Gambill: oh ok

Matt Gambill: Alonzo is a RE

Matt Gambill: 4th round

Matt Gambill: no VT

Matt Gambill: if he does

Matt Gambill: it will be late

jetranger: Drayton Florence, I really like this kid, where do you see him going and to who?

Doglover: Huh. I'd say 4th rounds a little early.

Matt Gambill: Doglover, ur an idiot dude

Guest287: Is Kelly Washington going to be a bust? He was a me first kind of guy in Tennessee...

Matt Gambill: I don't think he will be

Matt Gambill: I think Andre may be a bust

aaronwilson: Is Brandon Lloyd worth picking in second round?

Doglover: You've got it all wrong, I'm a dude, idiot.

Guest287: Because he cant catch?

Matt Gambill: KW needs to be more of a team player

Matt Gambill: i agree

Nokio8423: Lloyd has fell like a rock

Matt Gambill: Ok you guys...thanks for coming

Matt Gambill: I'm out

Matt Gambill: see ya next time

Thanks to Matt Gambill from All-Pro Scouting Services,, for donating his time to answer the questions of the fans and make them aware of what is happening in the tumultuous world related to the NFL Draft.

I apologize for the craziness of this chat transcript, and I am not responsible for any misspellings or slander associated with the transcript. I am however known as "jetranger" on the board.

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