Junior Seau Deal Soon?

The Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers could be headed towards a deal. A deadline of 4 PM Monday when Junior Seau is set to receive his $2.7 million bonus.

The Dolphins and agent Marvin Demoff are near agreement on a restructured contract for Junior Seau said an NFL source.

Demoff could not be reached for comment.

It is still unclear what compensation would come back to the Chargers in such a deal for Seau as Miami is offering a low round Draft choice in return.

If a trade is not completed by 4 p.m. Monday, the Chargers are likely to release Seau after June 1 to spread the subsequent salary cap hit over the next two seasons.

The Dolphins would rather try to trade for Seau than risk losing him in a bidding war on the free-agent market as many teams would surely enter the fray.

Arizona, Green Bay, Seattle and Detroit are among the teams who would enter that type of bidding war.

Arizona, which has roughly $17.5 million in cap space available, has been the main competition in seeking to trade for Seau. Seau has made Miami his top choice as the team is competitive, plays on grass and has nice facilities. Most important they have a clear chance at reaching the playoffs and going deep into them among the teams interested.

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