Cutting through the red tape on what is known to Chargers fans as Deadline Day for Junior Seau to be traded, it appears the Miami Dolphins will make one last pitch for the veteran All Pro linebacker.

The Dolphins have reached acceptable terms with Junior Seau's agent, Marvin Demoff, on a multiyear deal, said an executive with another NFL team. But San Diego officials, with whom the Dolphins have had extensive discussions, according to three NFL sources, must be willing to make the deal.

A $2.7 million payment is due to Seau at 4 p.m. today. Since the NFL offices close at that time. Whatever team holds Seau at that point would have to pay the full amount of his bonus, a bonus Seau has been unwilling to wave.

One course of action that could happen is a mutually agreed upon extension for the payout between Seau and the Chargers. That could, in this time of strife for the Chargers after losing General Manager John Butler on Friday, provide more time to consummate a deal.

Demoff continued to say Sunday that a deal is unlikely.

''There's nothing different from what [I said Friday],'' Demoff said.

There is still a chance Seau could return to the Chargers if he is not traded today. The cap hit of releasing him or trading him before June 1st and after today would be an extra $1 million.

If they release Seau after June 1st the cap hit would be spread over two seasons.

Junior Seau has made it clear he would like to join the Miami Dolphins. Today could be the day he gets his wish, or it could just be another day.

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