Seau Deadline Deal Produces Results

A 4 PM EST deadline was set to consummate a deal between the San Diego Chargers and the Miami Dolphins. The deadline was in place as Junior Seau was set to receive a $2.7 million dollar bonus at the close of the NFL offices today. Word has been slow to filter out and the word is, he has restructured his contract.

At exactly 1 PM Pacific time we contacted the Chargers offices and they informed us that there was no news to report. We know that is not true; there is always news to report they just chose not to release that information yet, which leads to speculation.

The news late in filtering out is the deadline has passed and it appears Seau has restructured his contract. Thus Junior Seau remains a San Diego Chargers for now. A restructured deal has made anything possible. The Chargers were on the hook for the $2.7 million but it is unclear as to how he chose to restructure.

``He doesn't want to get ahead of himself," agent Marvin Demoff said. ``He'd like to wind up at Miami. This is a big step toward it."

The choices entering today were plentiful, an extension provides the Chargers more time due to the untimely passing of General Manager John Butler on Friday.

Options remained:

Defer the bonus to a later date:

Ask Junior Seau and his agent Mark Demoff to move back the bonus of $2.7 million so a deal can be completed without the deadline so close. This option would enable both sides to be comfortable in constructing a trade and allow for further negotiations between the Dolphins and Chargers on fair compensation.

Take the hit:

Take the hit of $2.7 million and either trade him between now and June 1st, taking another $1 million dollar hit or wait until after June 1st and release Seau. This is not ideal for Junior as he would likely have to sign on with a team for less money, and lose out in the end. The Dolphins still would like a deal, as they do not want to get into a potential bidding war if Seau is a free agent. Several other teams would love to have Seau and in an open market where anything can happen.

Stay with the Bolts:

This was still a very viable option. Forget what everyone else is saying. The Chargers could choose to keep him for the season and get production out of the money they spent on him. Demoff has claimed this to be a very real outcome. Now that he has restructured, this option is all but over. He will be somewhere else come next season.

His contract, before restructuring included base salaries of $3 million for this year, $5 million in 2004 and $5.5 million for 2005. In addition to the $2.7 million bonus, there are bonuses of $1.5 million each in '04 and '05.

Now Seau will visit Miami for a physical sometime this week and he could be there to stay.

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