Junior Seau to Miami a Formality

Junior Seau will head to Miami for a physical Wednesday and barring any unforeseen circumstances will become a member of the Dolphins. Seau and his agent Marvin Demoff restructured his San Diego Chargers contract late Monday to allow a deal to happen.

Chargers spokesman Bill Johnston confirmed that the team restructured Seau's contract but wouldn't give details.

While Demoff remained reserved in his comments, it is all but inevitable that 11 time Pro Bowler Junior Seau will leave the only team he has ever known during his 13 year career.

"He doesn't want to get ahead of himself," Seau's agent Marvin Demoff said. "He'd like to wind up at Miami. This is a big step toward it."

Demoff went on to add that it is likely Seau will not return to San Diego and could play anywhere, but San Diego is the least likely place he will remain.

Miami has been the first choice for Seau all along. He loves the weather, the facilities and the team is built to go to the playoffs.

"Junior clearly respects the talent on Miami's team," Demoff added. "On their defense you can play with Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor and the others. It's pretty exciting. It's like going to a Pro Bowl team."

A deal is expected by the end of this week.

Asked whether a trade was imminent, agent Marvin Demoff said, "It's on track to be finished this week. If it falls off track, he'll wind up back in San Diego and we'll go from square one. But San Diego gave him permission to meet with the Dolphins."

"If things work out with Miami, the (Monday night) game will be marked on my calendar for one reason," said Junior Seau. "And that's because I get to come home and thank the fans."

The Chargers have been asking for a mid round draft choice and could settle for a fifth this year or a fourth next season. The fourth represents the Bolts original asking price but the Dolphins are without a fourth rounder this season.

"It's close enough that everything should work out," Demoff said. "They like Junior and Junior likes them. If they and San Diego work out their part, we should be able to finish the contract at that point."

The physical Seau has planned for Wednesday in Miami is to test his ankle which he had surgery repaired just before his 12th Pro Bowl nod, forcing him to miss the game in Hawaii.

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