Matt Gambill Interview Part III

Today we focus on some of the injuries with potential San Diego Chargers Draft picks in our rapid fire session with Matt Gambill of All-Pro Scouting Service. We then move quickly into talking about kickers and cornerbacks, two vital positions concerning the Chargers offseason.

Denis Savage: How is Wayne Hunter's back doing? I know he had some spasms to deal with.

Matt Gambill: Wayne is fine....Nothing major.

Denis Savage: How about the arrests of Pisa, is he a good character guy now? He spent 6 months in jail.

Matt Gambill: That was a long time ago on Pisa, he is a good kid.

Denis Savage: LB Robert Mathis...what is the scoop on him.

Matt Gambill: Robert is a stud player, transfer from Auburn, good SAM LB prospect, strongside LB.

Denis Savage: How about Troy Polamalu and his concussions? A concern?

Matt Gambill: Not a major concern.

DENIS SAVAGE: What about kicking, Seth Marler or Aden out of Fresno State.

MATT GAMBILL: I am a huge Seth Marler fan because I am based in New Orleans and I have seen Seth his entire career. This kid, he is something.

DENIS SAVAGE: Well he can punt too, that is what is so impressive.

MATT GAMBILL: I think he is better in both areas than Travis Dorsch was and Travis was a fourth rounder last year.

Denis Savage: John Anderson kicker or Seth Marler (I know he is your boy from down under)

Matt Gambill: Love Seth, but John has the better leg, Seth is much more accurate. Seth has a good leg too.

DENIS SAVAGE: I don't know if you heard but Steve Christie was resigned today by the Chargers. One year, $750K.

MATT GAMBILL: Only 450K will go against the cap

DENIS SAVAGE: $475K since he got $25K for a signing bonus.

DENIS SAVAGE: So is Seth Marler on the Chargers radar, is any kicker on the Chargers radar, plain and simple, they need a kicker.

MATT GAMBILL: You are looking at them in the fifth round and beyond. You usually bring these kids in as free agents and hope you get a bargain and one of them pans out. You really try and stay away from Sebastian Janikowski. You are not taking somebody like that in the first round, a couple of years ago Chicago took Sauerbraun in the second round. You just don't do stuff like that, that is just ignorant.

DENIS SAVAGE: I agree, but I would waste a sixth maybe fifth on a kicker because they need it.

MATT GAMBILL: You can get Marler in the fifth or sixth round. A player who I think is just underrated is John Anderson. Here is a kid who has made 6 or 7 field goals over 50 yards in his career at Washington. The kid has a tremendously strong leg, he just struggles some with accuracy. He reminds me a lot of Wade Richey, and not Wade Richey from your days, back in the day when he was something else. That is another kid who I saw, he is a Louisiana product, went to LSU.

DENIS SAVAGE: That was blasphemy what you just said. A lot of fans will be disagreeing with you on this one, no matter how good he was.

MATT GAMBILL: Not San Diego days.

DENIS SAVAGE: OK, moving quickly on, I heard you talk about Pisa Tinoisamoa, is he a good choice and what round?

MATT GAMBILL: I have Pisa rated as a second rounder; I think clearly he is the best coverage linebacker in the Draft. I think if you let this kid drop in zone, he is so quick to react to things it is just phenomenal to watch. I mean hey that's Junior Seau's nephew so he has the pedigree obviously. He is very aggressive, he had like 18, 19 tackles vs. Alabama. He just flies around the field, good perimeter speed. He is a stud, I think he is easily worth a second rounder, what are the Chargers picking 47?


MATT GAMBILL: 46, I think he would definitely fit right in that area.

DENIS SAVAGE: Based on the Chargers needs, that is really not one of there top needs. I don't know if a cornerback, somebody like Sammy Davis might fit better.

MATT GAMBILL: Sammy Davis is a player. He can play. He is definitely one of the top 7 or 8 corners in this draft. One of the more aggressive corners in the Draft versus the run, which is really key in the NFL. It's good to be a finesse corner, but if you can't hold the run down…

DENIS SAVAGE: That's right, you have to be able to tackle.

MATT GAMBILL: You got to be able to tackle, exactly. I mean you can pull some Deion (Sanders) type stuff if you have the tools that Deion has, but you do not see that too often. I think Terrance Newman might give Deion a run for his money.

DENIS SAVAGE: He might, he certainly looks and plays the part. What about Drayton Florence?

MATT GAMBILL: D-Flo is a good player. He is a transfer from UT-Chattanooga. He got into trouble there for getting into a fight with someone on campus and decided it would be best for him to transfer while he straightened out the legal matters, which all the chargers were dropped and nothing serious became of it. He is 6', 198 pounds, he did like 18 reps (on the bench press), is really strong, ran a 4.3 with a pulled hamstring. You think of just the computer numbers he is able to put out. He is somebody who needs coaching; he is not a very polished cornerback. He doesn't really have a backpedal, it is more of a shuffle-turn and run type thing.

DENIS SAVAGE: Third round?

MATT GAMBILL: I think he is a solid three/four for sure. Probably more so in the third round because of his athleticism. Roosevelt Williams was a third rounder last year in Chicago and he was very fundamentally sound, but he wasn't nearly the athlete Drayton is. I mean Roosevelt ran 4.57 at 5'11. I think Drayton is going to go in the same area, mid to late third round.

DENIS SAVAGE: I wrote an article about safeties from last year. There were some fantastic safeties to come out, I loved Tank Williams who I think is going to be fantastic and I love Jon McGraw, four or five safeties who went in round two and now they are all starters for their respective teams. Do you think the same could happen this year with Troy Polamalu and Rashean Mathis, they could be potential first round picks.

MATT GAMBILL: I think that Mathis, Julian Battle from Tennessee can also play corner like Rashean, Polamalu, Charles Drake who is coming out of Michigan, Colin Branch who is at Stanford, these are all kids who definitely have the potential to start in their first year, and not just start but contribute and make an impact.

MATT GAMBILL: I look at a guy like Mike Doss and I see too much Sammy Knight and being a Saints fan and watching Sammy since he came into the league as an undrafted free agent out of USC, that's not a good thing because Sammy is a huge liability in coverage.

DENIS SAVAGE: Without a doubt the Chargers need more help defending the passing game right now. We play in a tough division, the AFC West, we have Jerry Rice, we have Jerry Porter and Tim Brown to contend with on one team. Rod Smith, Ashley Lelie, and Ed McCaffrey, he has still got game.

MATT GAMBILL: Johnny Morton, Snoop Minnis, Sylvester Morris.

DENIS SAVAGE: Not to mention Tony Gonzalez and Marc Boerigter.

MATT GAMBILL: It's a rough division. I think when you look at the situation, back to Quentin Jammer and you look to him in San Diego, with all the big, physical receivers in the AFC West you can see what Marty Schottenheimer was thinking. At the same time he has got to show that he can stay with these kids.

DENIS SAVAGE: He also needs to have a better secondary behind him. I don't know who that starts with, if it starts with Troy Polamalu, but it has to start somewhere.

MATT GAMBILL: You are in the same predicament I am here in New Orleans. We just need speed on defense, linebacker, I know linebacker isn't as a big a priority in San Diego and we need defensive tackles just like San Diego does, and we are in desperate need of speed at safety.

DENIS SAVAGE: And the big problem is we are both in kind of the middle, where you are what 18 and 19 and we are at 15 sitting here thinking ooh these guys are tweeners, I could drop down to 20 and pick him or stretch at 15.

MATT GAMBILL: That's the thing, I look at the first round and while you want to take the best player available, you want somebody who is going to fill a need. I want to get a good value pick. If you have to stretch 5, 6, 7 picks to get a Rashean Mathis or to get an Andre Woolfolk than you really are not getting good value. And if you can find a way to move back 5, 6, 7 picks and get an additional mid round pick for your troubles, and still get the player you want and to get somebody else who is going to make a roster and contribute on special teams and possibly as a really good backup for the first year or two, then you win.

DENIS SAVAGE: I wholeheartedly agree but I am wondering is it possible.

We finish up our talk with Matt Gambill of All-Pro Scouting Services tomorrow and focus on trades, Junior Seau, surprises for the latter rounds and the final word.

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