Matt Gambill Interview Part IV

Finishing up with Matt Gambill of All-Pro Scouting Services we take a look at trades, surprises in rounds 5-7, a final summation of the first round, and finish up with more Draft information than you can handle.

DENIS SAVAGE: Are people willing to trade up to the 15 spot in particular to get a player.

MATT GAMBILL: Depends on the board. Somebody to really watch is the Jets, I know they have 13 and 22, they would like to get a defensive at 13 and if at all possible get a receiver at 22. If there is a D-tackle on the board that they like such as a Johnathan Sullivan or Kevin Williams, and then if Kelley Washington is on the board at 15 and they see New England is going to be drafting, New England could easily use a big receiver, you know they have the smurfs there. They could easily try and move up to 15, 16, 17 to get in front of New England who is picking at 19 and try and get the kid. Some of these things are going to be rumored from now until Draft day. I heard a lot of crap last year, ‘There is going to be a lot of trades', and you know what, nothing happened.

DENIS SAVAGE: I know it is going to come down to Draft day. There usually will be a few trades and mostly minor ones.

DENIS SAVAGE: What is your take on the Junior Seau situation?

MATT GAMBILL: I think it is very interesting. I don't really understand it. What is his cap number?

DENIS SAVAGE: He has a $2.7 million dollar bonus due in a few days. And then $3 million in base salary.

MATT GAMBILL: As great as a player as he has been for San Diego, being the heart and soul of that defense. With the trouble they are having in the middle in particular, I don't know if I get rid of him. I can think of a lot of piss poor ways to spend $5.7 million dollars. This is a man who is going to be a Hall of Famer. He has been with the franchise his entire career. I know that loyalty flies out the window in this business of the NFL. I am kind of disappointed that they would even consider moving him. I think there would be other ways they could cut corners as opposed to getting rid of a perennial Pro Bowler, sure fired Hall of Famer.

DENIS SAVAGE: Talk to me about a few surprises that you got, let's say rounds 5, 6, 7. I am a huge fan of Dan Klecko out of Temple. I don't know if he will be 4 or 5 or something like that. I just love the way he plays the game. He may not pan out, but he has so much heart and always gives it his all. Who else you have for me out there?

MATT GAMBILL: There is a couple kids that I would look for. There are a couple of offensive linemen that I think will develop into something nice. A kid at San Jose State named Tim Provost, who has the size at 6-5 300+ pounds. He is a really good athlete and he just needs to be coached on the fundamentals and add some strength in his upper body. He was able to do 21 or 22 reps at the combines. He is someone who could be a developmental type.

MATT GAMBILL: Jesse Sowells a cornerback/free safety out of the University of Houston. He is like 5-11, 196 pounds, ran a 4.4, had a 40.5" vertical jump, had 100 tackles this past season at Houston this past year as a strong safety, clearly not going to plat strong safety in the NFL but pretty good in the box and very good in coverage. I think he will be a nickel back, special teams contributor right off the bat no questions asked.

MATT GAMBILL: There are a lot of players like that in this Draft. Outside linebacker is a really deep position. There are a couple kids who can really surprise some guys on Day 2 of the draft. Strongside not as heavy as the weakside, even middle has some talent with LaMarcus McDonald from TCU, he hasn't had a good workout, he ran a 5.05 at the combines and in the 4.9's at Texas Christians on campus workout. I saw him at the Senior Bowl; the kid is probably one of the best read/react linebackers in this Draft. I don't think he has the perimeter speed or athleticism to play outside, but I think if you put him in the middle, and the way he uses his hands. He just understands and can anticipate and can locate the ball, I really think he will be something in the middle.

DENIS SAVAGE: So how much weight do you put into the combine numbers with you watching film all year long.

MATT GAMBILL: The way I do things is 80-85% of the players final grade is based on film.

DENIS SAVAGE: And that is a tribute to your All-Pro Scouting, I am touting you here, for claiming these guys early, rather than all of a sudden a player comes along with a great combine and all of a sudden he is on everyone's radar.

MATT GAMBILL: You look at what Mel Kiper did with Chaun Thompson, a perfect example, Mel could not have told you a thing about him in December and then he runs a 4.5 at the combines at 240 pounds and now he is like #4 linebacker overall. That's why I pride myself in particular on finding these kids early.

I don't rate one player that I haven't seen film on. If I don't see film on him, and just hear good things about him, you either are not going to see him rated or you are going to see him rated lower than a lot of other places and that rarely happens. The kids that make my rankings are kids that I have seen on film and done a lot of background checks on, talk to their coaches and their strength and conditioning guys at the universities and you get tips from the scouts on these guys and of course you are going to follow up on that. It's just that a lot of other people have sites and also radio personalities and TV personalities more than they are scouts.

The only scout prior to Joel Buschbaum passing on was myself. Honestly I think it is a one man show as far as scouting goes. Guys like Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview, I have respect for the job he does. I think he is getting a great start on what to look for. There is a lot of guys who are good at what they do as far as the writing goes. If you are putting more stock into the combines or these on campus workouts, you are missing the point. If they cant play on the football field, then they are not going to be worth crap on the field.

DENIS SAVAGE: OK, so you are sitting at the board and the #15 pick comes and you are the Chargers, who do you pick based on your board.

MATT GAMBILL: I would probably go with the best defensive tackle there, providing one is there. If a William Joseph is there, people would probably say it is a reach but when you look at the ability that he has and his size and strength and just the things he can do on the football field. He is determined and Marty Schottenheimer is a known motivator. I think that he can come in and really be special in that front four. I would give him a serious look. I think that all the other tackles will be gone, I think Johnathan Sullivan will be gone, I think Kevin Williams will be gone, Dewayne Robertson and Jimmy Kennedy will surely be gone. It's either William Joseph or they go another position. If they have taken a liking to a Kwame Harris, Eric Steinbech or Wayne Hunter that is obviously a possibility. There is a number of different ways they can go. I don't think they reach and take a guy like Troy Polamalu, I don't think they reach on a guy like Julian Battle or Rashean Mathis. I think that Andre Woolfolk would be a legit candidate. I look at it and I think they go D-tackle or offensive line is my personal gut feeling right now.

DENIS SAVAGE: I am not going to take any more of your time, we have been talking for 40 minutes and you have shared some great information and I really appreciate the service you do over at All-Pro Scouting Services so you can count me among the many who is in attendance.

MATT GAMBILL: Thank you I appreciate it. It was a bit overwhelming last year when we got a lot of independent looks from NFL teams who wanted to use us as a source and like I said 23 of the 32 teams subscribe to the scouting report aspect of the website. That was a huge win for us.

DENIS SAVAGE: Congratulations on that, and I really appreciate the time you have taken with me.

MATT GAMBILL: Anytime, thanks for having me.

DENIS SAVAGE: I may take you up on it for a recap of the Draft.

MATT GAMBILL: Sure I would love to do it. Anytime.

DENIS SAVAGE: Thanks again for joining me and letting me focus mostly on the Chargers and answering my questions.

Chargers Update would again like to thank Matt Gambill of All-Pro Scouting for joining us today and taken the time to honestly answer our questions regarding the San Diego Chargers Draft.

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