This is still Butlers Draft

The players might not know it, the man calling the shots might be different, and there will be a great loss in the San Diego Chargers war room, but there will be a presence when each pick is taken in the 7 rounds of this draft.

John Butler will be there guiding this draft from his new home in the heavens above. This man put so much time and effort into this day coming up that it is unforeseeable that anyone can say this is not his draft. All AJ Smith is going to do is be the guiding touch of Butler's extended finger.

Butler had gone to the various All-Star games across the country, been prominent during Senior Bowl week and briefly at the combines and even though he was sick he has worked tirelessly for this years draft so that the Chargers would be ready to get the best players that could help this team.

Was Cutting Junior Seau personal, no it was business, same with Rodney Harrison, Curtis Conway and Terrell Fletcher.

This team is Butler's team and on April 26 and 27th this will be Butler's final draft as the Heavens have foreseen to take him home.

Each time a player comes to that podium and thanks the heavens or gets the Call and wants to thank God they should take a moment and thank Mr. Butler too, for their name would not be mentioned to wear Charger Blue if he had not already evaluated their talent.

One of the best at finding talent and getting the best from them, Mr. Butler may be missed on Draft day, but this will be his Draft. They are his people and his Picks.

So when you feel that chill go through you when the names are called or if you ask why another linebacker, or why we did not get this person, that whisper in your ear is Mr. Butler letting you know everything is going to be all right.

The Chargers will be contenders this year and the thanks should go to the Man who passed away on Friday April 10th, for no matter what this is still John Butlers' Draft.

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