All-Compensatory Pick Team

The "All Compensatory Pick Team" includes several players who have spent time in San Diego, including OT Vaughn Parker, TE Brandon Manumaleuna, DT Jason Fisk, LB Sam Rogers and FS Marlon McCree.

A league general manager who read last week's column about the value of compensatory draft picks suggested a person might be able to make "a pretty fair" all-star team from the players who entered the NFL as compensatory selections since the league began awarding the additional picks in 1994.

We took the bait.

We're not sure how "pretty fair" it is, but we set about assembling an all-compensatory team from the general manager's half-dare.

Granted, some positions - defensive end and cornerback, in particular - were considerably more difficult to fill. At a few others, though, there were actually some tough decisions. So in lieu of discussing Wednesday's court proceedings in front of Judge Susan Nelson, and of actually providing some football grist and a smidgeon of levity instead of all the legalese to which fans have been subjected the past few days, here goes.

A very subjective look at the all-compensatory team:


WR - Hines Ward (third round, Pittsburgh, 1998) and Marques Colston (seventh, New Orleans, 2006).

Honorable mention: Derrick Alexander (first, Cleveland, 1994), Bert Emanuel (second, Atlanta, 1994), Pierre Garcon (sixth, Indianapolis, 2008).

TE - Jay Riemersma (seventh, Buffalo, 1996).

Honorable mention: Brandon Manumaleuna (fourth, St. Louis, 2001).

OT - Jonas Jennings (third, Buffalo, 2001) and Willie Colon (fourth, Pittsburgh, 2006).

Honorable mention: Nick Kaczur (third, New England, 2005), Kevin Shaffer (seventh, Atlanta, 2002), Tony Pashos (fifth, Baltimore, 2003).

OG - Larry Allen (second, Dallas, 1994) and Marco Rivera (sixth, Green Bay, 1996).

Honorable mention: Kyle Kosier (seventh, San Francisco, 2002), Edwin Mulitalo (fourth, Baltimore, 1994), Vaughn Parker (second, San Diego, 1994), Josh Sitton (fourth, Green Bay, 2008).

C - Scott Wells (seventh, Green Bay, 2004).

Honorable mention: Eugene Amano (seventh, Tennessee, 2004), Tim Ruddy (second, Miami, 1994).

QB - Tom Brady (sixth, New England, 2000).

Honorable mention: Aaron Brooks (fourth, Green Bay, 1999), Matt Hasselbeck (sixth, Green Bay, 1998).

RB - Chester Taylor (sixth, Baltimore, 2002).

Honorable mention: Ahmad Bradshaw (seventh, N.Y. Giants, 2007), Derrick Ward (seventh, N.Y. Giants, 2004), Amos Zereoue (third, Pittsburgh, 1999).

FB - Ovie Mughelli (fourth, Baltimore, 2003).

Honorable mention: Le'Ron McClain (fourth, Baltimore, 2007), Madison Hedgecock (seventh, St. Louis, 2005), Patrick Pass (seventh, New England, 2000),Charles Way (sixth, N.Y. Giants, 1995).


DE - Rob Meier (seventh, Jacksonville, 2000) and Bryce Fisher (seventh, Buffalo, 1999).

Honorable mention: Bobby McCray (seventh, Jacksonville, 2004).

DT - La'Roi Glover (fifth, Oakland, 1996) and Jason Fisk (seventh, Minnesota, 1995).

Honorable mention: Terdell Sands (seventh, Kansas City, 2001).

LB - Scott Shanle (seventh, St. Louis, 2003).

LB - Al Singleton (fourth, Tampa Bay, 1997).

LB - Mike Vrabel (third, Pittsburgh, 1997).

Honorable mention: Brandon Chillar (fourth, St. Louis, 2004), Danny Clark (seventh, Jacksonville, 2000), Leroy Hill (third, Seattle, 2005), Derrick Rodgers (third, Miami, 1997), Sam Rogers (second, Buffalo, 1994), Clint Session (fourth, Indianapolis, 2007).

CB - Domonique Foxworth (third, Denver, 2005) and Frank Walker (sixth, N.Y. Giants, 2003).

Honorable mention: William Gay (fifth, Pittsburgh, 2007).

S - Brian Dawkins (second, Philadelphia, 1996) and Antoine Bethea (sixth, Indianapolis, 2006).

Honorable mention: Yeremiah Bell (sixth, Miami, 2003), Thomas Decoud (third, Atlanta, 2008), Marlon McCree (seventh, Jacksonville, 2001), Chinedum Ndukwe (seventh, Cincinnati, 2007), Pat Tillman (seventh, Arizona, 1998).


K - Ryan Succop (seventh, Kansas City, 2009).

Honorable mention: Doug Brien (third, San Francisco, 1994), David Buehler (fifth, Dallas, 2009).

P - Brad Maynard (third, N.Y. Giants, 1997).

Honorable mention: Mitch Berger (sixth, Philadelphia, 1994), Josh Bidwell (fourth, Green Bay, 1999), Dustin Colquitt (third, Kansas City, 2005), Sam Koch (sixth, Baltimore, 2006).

LS - Patrick Mannelly (sixth, Chicago, 1998).

Honorable mention: None.

Ret - Rock Cartwright (seventh, Washington, 2002).

Honorable mention: None.

ST - David Tyree (sixth, N.Y. Giants, 2003).

Honorable mention: None.

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Len Pasquarelli is a Senior NFL Writer for The Sports Xchange. He has covered the NFL for 33 years and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee. His NFL coverage earned recognition as the winner of the McCann Award for distinguished reporting in 2008.

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