Picks 10-14 Setup the Chargers Board at 15

Every year, there is a player who drops. Last year, Phillip Buchanon dropped from a top 10 pick to the 17th pick, because of concerns about his attitude. While I think that might happen this year with a couple of prospects, I doubt that the player falls to the Chargers pick. Why? The teams above the Chargers have similar needs.

10) Baltimore … I don't buy the rumors that they aren't interested in Kyle Boller at number 10. With all the rumors circulating around the Ravens, I'd be surprised if they have the 10th pick on draft day. I'd also be surprised if they don't end up with a QB whether it is trading up for Byron Leftwich, trading down for Kyle Boller, or the unlikely possibility of trading the pick for Daunte Culpepper. If the draft works out as planned with the top 9 players being selected by the top 9 teams, I believe that will leave Jimmy Kennedy available at pick 10 with six of the seven teams behind the Ravens having DT as a primary need. I believe the 7th, 8th, and 10th pick provides the biggest degree of uncertainty. If the Ravens utilize their pick, they could use a WR, OT, DT, and CB. Three of those four positions mimic the Chargers needs.

PREDICTION: Baltimore trades down with the Patriots and picks up an additional 3rd round pick. They utilize the 14th pick on Kyle Boller, while the Patriots select Jimmy Kennedy, DT, Penn State.

11) Seattle… The Seahawks desperately need DT, LB, and FS help. They reportedly are focusing in on three DT's in Jimmy Kennedy (Penn State), Johnathan Sullivan (Georgia), and Kevin Williams (Oklahoma State). I don't think they go for a LB since the top LB's don't fit their most immediate needs and they really do like Orlando Huff. Plus, there is pretty good depth that will be available in the 2nd round.

PREDICTION: A little bit of a surprise as they pick Johnathan Sullivan out of Georgia. He really fits their biggest need and is a better fit for their defense than Kevin Williams. This could go either way.

12) St. Louis… I don't think you can predict what Mike Martz is going to do. They need a TE and a LB, but the Rams have had a lot of curious picks the past 3 years. Boss Bailey is the media favorite in St. Louis and they could move Robert Thomas inside. There are some rumors that they are very interested in Jason Witten, TE, Tennessee as well, but they'd be nuts to select him at number 12.

PREDICTION: The Rams select Boss Bailey. It makes too much sense.

13) NY Jets… This team needs a WR, DT, and LB. This is one of the picks that just could go in any direction. They are kind of in a hard place here. Kevin Williams is probably the best player available on the board and the Chargers, Chiefs, Saints, and Broncos could all use a DT. The drop off at LB is pretty significant after EJ Henderson and at WR after Kelly Washington. The Patriots and Ravens need a WR. The Chiefs and Saints could use a LB.

PREDICTION: The Jets break the Chargers heart and select Kevin Williams at the DT position. They could go with Kelly Washington or EJ Henderson as well.

14) New England… The Patriots could use a DT, OT, LB, and WR. DT is the biggest need by far and with 13 picks, they have a lot of flexibility. My bet is they will try to trade up with Baltimore and Minnesota being the most likely targets.

PREDICTION: Trade Up with the Ravens giving up there additional 3rd round pick. The Patriots select Jimmy Kennedy, DT, Penn State.

15) San Diego … The Chargers need a DT, OG with OT possibilities in the future, CB/FS, and LB depth. If the right DT is available, this is an easy pick. The two players that I feel fit that description are Johnathan Sullivan and Kevin Williams. If they are not available, an OL makes the most sense. They could reach for Troy Polamalu, but I doubt they do that.

PREDICTION: I think it will come down to Eric Steinbach or Kwame Harris. Steinbach is the more polished player, while Harris has slightly more upside. It is a tough call, but the rumors have Kwame Harris being the player of interest. The Chargers select Kwame Harris out of Stanford.

I reserve the right to change my opinion with more information. The draft will change with ONE surprise pick and I'm very comfortable that a curveball will be thrown. As always, the draft will be entertaining.

Rob Curtis writes exclusively at Chargers Update covering the NFL Draft and can be reached at the following link: Rob Curtis or at rcurtis3355@yahoo.com

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