Mock Draft Version II

Now I know last time I did my mock draft I said that it was my final not so final mock draft, but with the draft coming up and so many people moving up and down the draft board not to mention My editor (Denis Savage) harping on me, I thought I would go ahead and put another one out there. So here it is, my final not so final Mock Draft.

1) Bengals- Carson Palmer USC- I know some people think they wont do it, but I just cannot see them going through the year with what they have at QB when they can get a stud like Palmer and rumor has it they have a deal in place

2) Lions- Charles Rogers, Lions need a good WR for Joey Harrington to throw to, one that can get open and allow him to use that cannon on his shoulders

3) Texans- Even with his slow 40 times I still see the Texans taking Terrell Suggs with the 3rd pick

4) Bears-Marcus Trufant, I look for the cover corner to be taken over Terrance Newman's spot as the Number 1 corner taken and the Bears could use him

5) Cowboys- Jimmy Kennedy- Just think last Mock draft I did not even have him going in the first round my how times have changed

6) Cardinals- Andre Johnson, They lost David Boston so they need someone that can come in and start right away. With Rogers going off the board early Johnson is the next best Receiver

7) Vikings- I look for the Vikings to take Dewayne Robertson though I am hoping that he will fall to number 15 (keep the Butler luck going)

8) Jaguars- Terrance Newman, I look for the Jaguars to take the strong CB and start rebuilding that defense

9) Panthers- Jordan Gross-, The Panthers need someone to protect their QB (whom ever it may be so that he can play through a whole year)

10) Baltimore Ravens- Byron Leftwich Ravens need a QB with and arm and some leg underneath him and Leftwich is the Man

11) Seahawks- Jonathan Sullivan, The Seahawks D-line like the Chargers last year was suspect, John Randlle was not getting any Younger and Brown was often injured, they need a strong D-Lineman that can hold up the middle of the pocket and put some pressure on the QB

12) Rams- Michael Haynes, the Rams need more speed on the Dline and on the Defense and Haynes is the man, I look for him to continue his Senior Bowl performance into the NFL

13) Jets- Boss Bailey, The Jets Lost their Special teams Man and one of their better Receivers to the Redskins who seemed to go after everything in green in the off-season, I look for them to better their defense and they can not go wrong with this pick

14) New England Patriots- Eric Steinbach, I look for the Patriots to bolster their offensive Line to give Tom Brady more protection and time to use that young cannon of his

15) Chargers- Jerome McDougle, The Chargers will go after McDougle with the 15th pick, he is fast and has good Technique and could easily add the speed on the opposite end of Wiley to take some of the pressure off the tackles

16) Chiefs- Kevin Williams, Chiefs is another team that needs D-Line Help and they can get it with this big Mammoth.

17) Saints- I said there were some movers and some droppers and Troy Polamalu did not hurt himself with his 40 times at the USC pro day, I look for the Saints to nab him at 17

18) Saints- EJ Henderson, I originally thought that they would trade this pick either up to 15 to the Chargers or down to the Raiders who are looking to trade up, But Instead I see them taking Henderson with this pick

19) Patriots- William Joseph I see the Patriots getting their Defensive tackle and taking a chance on Joseph

20) Broncos-Chris Kelsay, Broncos need help at end, and this kid is quick and fast and able to put that constant pressure on the QB

21) Browns- Wayne Hunter, The Browns need someone to Protect Couch or Holcombe something they did not have last year and the Big O-Tackle out of Hawaii could just be that man

22) Jets- Rien Long, Jets will stick to their defensive mind and go take a chance on the Washington State DT

23) Bills-Ty Warren- I look for the Bills to go Defense and Warren could be the help they need on the Defensive Line

24) Colts- Andre Woolfolk- Tony Dungy is rebuilding that Defense into his Image, he has offense in place and I look for him to finish off his defense and make this one hard team to beat and he can not go wrong with the young DB

25) Giants- Kenny Peterson, Have we seen the routine yet, I see the Giants staying with the Defensive them and taking this you DT to bolster their line

26) 49ers-Taylor Jacobs, Since the niners are more then likely to give up on JJ Stokes they will need a good receiver to take his place and they can look no further then Jacobs and who better for this young man to learn behind then one of the Leagues best in Owens

27) Steelers- Kyle Boller, Lets Face it Maddox is not the QB of the Future but Boeller could be with the right nurturing and playing a couple of years behind Maddox and learning to play in the NFL

28) Titans-Kelly Washington- The Titans need that #1 Threat that speedy receiver that can open and Washington can be the man as long as he has complexly healed from his injuries

29) Packers- Rex Grossman, Lets face it Farve is not getting any younger and everyone needs an heir and Grossman could do no wrong in learning behind the best in the business

30) Eagles- Mike Doss, I know I know not many are going to like this pick but the eagles need secondary help and Doss could be the one to give it to them he hits like a linebacker and has the speed to cover receivers

31) Raiders- Larry Johnson- I look for Larry Johnson to be the next big running back star of the Raiders, he has some things he wants to prove and he has a chip on his shoulder and lets face the Raiders are the best team at helping to keep the Chips in place and not getting knocked off

32) Raiders- Dewayne White- I see the Raiders finishing off the first round with a Defensive End, they are not getting any younger and they need someone with some speed and aggression to get to the QB and White is their man

Well that is it, it is over, let's see how close I come on Saturday to being the new Joel Buschbaum of the NFL (God Bless Him), or as I said before will I be closer to Mel Kiper, only the Teams will be able to tell. Until next year. This is my final not so Final Mock Draft.

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