Kelley Washington, New Questions ?

Red flags being thrown up on Kelley Washington? Sammy Davis rising up charts? Here are some late stories as we move closer to the start of Saturday's draft.

While he was originally given high medical grades at the combine it seems several teams have revisited Kelley Washington's neck injury and have since taken the Volunteer receiver off their board. A recent report has stated that Washington's doctor informed teams he may not be ready to start playing football until the end of July and that has some worried.

Franchises who were considering using an early pick on Washington with the hopes he could come in and quickly contribute are having second thoughts. That said, Washington could still end up with a team like the Raiders in round one, as he'll have sufficient time to break into the line-up.

Earlier today we spoke with a medical professional who told us in fact a a pair of vertebrae fused together could be stronger then two individual vertebrae. Still, there is the risk of severe injury if a collision from the wrong angle takes place.

How differing are the opinions on Washington to this point? One scout we spoke with said flat out, "He could get drafted in the first round or he may not be drafted at all."

One player making a big move up draft boards is Texas A&M cornerback Sammy Davis. Don't be surprised if the Colts make Davis there first selection at pick number 24 as Indianapolis feels he is perfect for their cover scheme.

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