2003 NFL GameDay Mock Draft

Midway through my mock, the Jets tossed a wrench in and the wheels in my head came to a halt. Luckily I was able to recover in time to get a mock out before the next trade takes place…

1. Cincinnati: They have to take a leap of faith and choose a QB in round one. They have already made too many suspect moves in the past to continue fouling things up. Marvin Lewis held a private workout with Carson Palmer of USC, he is close to signing and he will be the first choice in the 2003 NFL Draft.

2. Detroit: The Lions have a quarterback already and will be looking for that player who will be the next great one at wide receiver. Coach Mariucci knows the importance of having a great receiver to help a young QB develop and they have a homegrown one in Charles Rogers.

3. Houston: They brass in Houston would have loved to have a big time back here but instead, in a year of little top notch talent at the RB spot, will settle on giving David Carr a primary weapon. Andre Johnson will make some rookie mistakes, but once over the awe of the NFL, he will be special.

4. NY Jets: Trading up to get the man they want they select Dewayne Robertson to shore up the middle of the defense with a stud player next to John Abraham and possibly look to deal disappointing Shawn Ellis out of town. In the last year of his contract it is unlikely he will be kept with Abraham and Pennington contracts also up.

5. Dallas: Coach Bill Parcells values special teams perhaps more than any other coach in the league. He knows the importance of field position and believe it or not that will play a part in his first choice for the Boys. Terrance Newman is electric, on offense, defense and special teams. Although Parcells would love to have the terror that is Terrell Suggs, he cannot deny helping two facets of his game immediately with the addition of Newman as his top corner, and top return man. Newman and Roy Williams will be the cornerstone of a solid defense for years to come and Parcells knows all about defensive excellence.

6. Arizona: So much money to spare and so little action. That is until they select Terrell Suggs, a hometown product, who will instantly give the defense credibility and more importantly, sacks. The Cardinals have accumulated the least amount of sacks over the past three seasons, and with so much undo pressure on the secondary, this move will help in many ways. Despite the recent 40 times of Suggs, this move has to be made as football is played on the field.

7. Minnesota: Last season they were running to the podium to select Ryan Simms after some botched work by Dallas and Kansas City. Sims ended up in KC. This year they will get their man. Jimmy Kennedy is the big body to man the middle that they need. With needs in various spots on defense, he is the best value.

8. Jacksonville: The turning point in the Draft. So much may hinge on this pick. The Ravens are salivating at spot 10 hoping Lord Byron gets past the Jags. He won't. Leftwich at pick 8 could be the steal of the Draft.

9. Carolina: They need help in many areas but perhaps none greater than offensive tackle. Jordon Gross will be the Pro Bowler they need to man the line for years to come.

10. Baltimore: Management is split here. Ozzie Newsome who heads the Draft was hoping more than anyone that Leftwich fell. Brain Billick on the other hand has praised Kyle Boller. With Chris Redman essentially out of the plans in Baltimore they will select Boller.

11. Seattle: When your defense is ranked last in the league against the run it becomes a foregone conclusion that you will take a defensive tackle if one is available. One is and his name is Kevin Williams.

12. St. Louis: This pick could again go a number of directions. Bailey would look nice in St. Louis, but the Rams are wide-eyed at seeing Marcus Trufant fall into their laps and will not pass him up.

13. Chicago: Chicago forced Baltimore into taking Boller or they would have snatched him up here. Now they choose Johnathan Sullivan as the next best thing to Dewayne Robertson and feel they have made the deal of the century in this draft by getting a player at the position they want and also having another selection in the first round.

14. New England: The Pats go into fits after seeing Sullivan go to the Bears and scramble to get someone to play next to Richard Seymour. They truly hoped it would be Sullivan with the same Georgia Bulldog background that Seymour has. Instead the reach for William Joseph for fear he maybe gone by the next time they pick.

15. San Diego: The Bolts ponder for 15 minutes on who to select and toy with the idea of selecting Troy Polamalu but instead opt for Eric Steinbach to shore up the offensive line this year and years to come when Vaughn Parker moves on. Damion McIntosh is also scheduled for unrestricted free agency next year and Steinbach projects to tackle in year two after starting at guard this year.

16. Kansas City: Even with the addition of Vonnie Holiday they look to add more speed on defense, a defense that was ranked last in the NFL last season. Enter Michael Haynes. Originally they were high on selecting Jerome McDougle, but then he was arrested this week, costing himself.

17. New Orleans: With two consecutive picks they are surprised to see Boss Bailey still on the board and find it way too hard to pass him up twice and select him with the first of there two picks.

18. New Orleans: With the need on defense filled they turn their attention to offense and select Jeff Faine, the vastly underrated center who will team with LeCharles Bentley for many years to come.

19. New England: Now that Eric Steinbach is gone, the Pats have lost out three times. First with a trade they could not pull off with the Bears, then seeing the defensive tackle they had as a contingency plan gone and now an offensive lineman they coveted goes. They choose Kwame Harris to save face.

20. Denver: With Haynes gone, they go the route of Jerome McDougle whose recent arrest drops him a few slots. The move works out wonderfully for the Broncos who need help on the D-line.

21. Cleveland: The Browns had targeted Steinbach, but with the Chargers selecting him they turn their attention to linebacker and take EJ Henderson. The loser turns out to be Jamir Miller who is waiting on the sidelines for a better deal.

22. Chicago: The Bears had hoped Kyle Boller might slip past Baltimore and take the big drop to spot 22. Instead they are content to select Andre Woolfolk to pair with Roosevelt Williams and revamp a defense for talented Brian Urlacher.

23. Buffalo Bills: The Bills continue to complete what could be the best offseason in recent memory and rework their defense that is now geared for the playoffs by selecting Chris Kelsay.

24. Indianapolis Colts: With just 10 interceptions from the defense last year and three coming from linebackers they select Sammy Davis to shore up the secondary and finally try and give a defense to compliment their offense.

25. NY Giants: With the few players they coveted gone, they go with backup plan number two. A player who once topped their draft board and the Jints feel lucky Kenny Peterson is not gone as well.

26. San Francisco: With trade talk, uncertainty and an overall bad attitude from all their wideouts they select Taylor Jacobs to be the next in line to compliment Terrell Owens. The hope is to end the negative vibe being played by their receivers and move forward into the future.

27. Pittsburgh: Officials in Steel town are ecstatic getting the guy they targeted all along. Despite his meteoric rise, teams pass on him to fill needs and Pitt jumps at the chance to draft Troy Polamalu, taking just one minute off the clock.

28. Tennessee: For years they have been searching for a true number one receiver for Steve McNair and finally get one in Kelly Washington, at the 27th pick no less!

29. Green Bay: Talk is Brett Favre will retire someday and the Packers have a knack for developing solid quarterbacks. Who better for Rex Grossman to learn from then the man who made it all possible.

30. Philadelphia: Always looking for more weapons for Donovan McNabb who seems to continually always have to do it himself get a talented player in Jason Whitten.

31. Raiders: With the loss of Tory James fresh in their minds they go small school and get a ball hawk to hound the AFC West for years to come in Rashean Mathis.

32. Raiders: They cannot allow this player to get out of the first round, their egos are too big. The Raiders are the perfect team to take a flier on Willis McGahee and let him recover slowly behind Charlie Garner.

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