Another A&M'er Terrence Kiel a Charger

Having success in round one with Texas A&M cornerback Sammy Davis the San Diego Chargers again went to the well and selected safety Terrence Kiel of Texas A&M with their second selection in the second round, 62nd overall.

Terrence Kiel joins the revamped San Diego Charegrs secondary as the Bolts select the safety with the 62nd overall pick.

Kiel will join fellow Bolt and former teammate at Texas A&M Sammy Davis who was selected in the first round.

"It couldn't be better. I think it will help both of us," said Kiel. "(Davis) is a great guy. It's an opportunity to play with a guy that I know and that I've played with before."

The Bolts are serious about revamping their 32nd ranked defense against the pass and have brought in three new members for their secondary. At 5-11, 204 pounds Kiel still runs a solid 4.5 bringing more speed to the defense, a priority of the Chargers brass.

"My strengths are my leadership and my tackling," added Kiel, "Also, my coverage skills as a safety. I have the same coverage skills as a lot of corners. That's what I really got recruited as in college, as a corner."

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