Marty on Sammy Davis

Marty Schottenheimer is a big fan of cornerbacks who can play bump and run and feels the San Diego Chargers made strides towards securing the secondary for years to come with the selection of Sammy Davis out of Texas A&M with the 30th overall choice in the first round..

Marty Schottenheimer talked jubilantly regarding the selection of Sammy Davis.

On Sammy Davis:

"(Davis) showed excellent skill and versatility in the bump-and-run. They moved him to the nickel back slot when they get to the three wide receiver defense," Schottenheimer said. "He is an exceptionally good tackler. When we put all the pieces together he was the name that came up with value at this point.

"I think he is a guy who is generally recognized as a first round draft choice. Frankly it was not a real difficult decision for us. We needed to get speed on defense and upgrade our secondary. We took what we thought was the best player."

Marty continued by saying the same three players they targeted at 15 were still available at 30. Sammy Davis was obviously one of those players and speculation is Eric Steinbach and Boss Bailey were the others.

"We wanted to get the best player available in the first round. This is what we considered to be the best player available for the San Diego Chargers."

Schottenheimer went on to compare Davis to former Kansas City Chief James Hasty.

"My preference is to have two big guys play bump and run on receivers, play man-to-man and make the quarterback have to dodge the rush and throw against tight coverage," Schottenheimer said. "I am really excited about the pick. The young man is going to be in a position to compete and with the addition a year ago of Quentin Jammer, (Tony) Okanlawon, Kevin House and of course Tay (Cody) from the year before we are starting to get some progress in that secondary, particularly at corner.

"Progress is the key here. At the time the Chargers had not selected the next two new members of the Chargers secondary, Terrence Kiel and Drayton Florence."

"As Buddy Nix said at the outset, ‘we are better now then we were a few hours ago.'" Denis Savage can be reached at or via the following link: Denis Savage

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