Developments of Day One

An interesting day transpired for the San Diego Chargers who traded the 15th overall pick to the Philadelphia Eagles while the Bolts were on the clock. How about the deals that were almost made? And other tidbits from the Draft:

The Chargers had discussions with a number of teams who were looking to move up in the Draft to secure the player they desired.

"Most of the time, you say thank you. Thank you. And if something hits you, you listen, said Chargers GM AJ Smith. "They get emotionally involved and call you back five times because they want to go up ‘X' amount of spots, get the guy and that is all they are focused on. If someone wants to do that you may fall into something good.

Before settling in on the deal that netted the Chargers the 30th and 62nd picks from Philadelphia for the 15th pick the Bolts spoke with the Pittsburgh Steelers about their second rounder.

Director of football operations Kevin Colbert said, "We had discussions, but I wouldn't say we had offers. But when Kansas City became doable, we did it."

Trading their second round pick in a package to move up was not a consideration. "We said no real quick," Colbert said of any teams asking for their second rounder.

"We turned down several that would have been a little risky," added Smith.

Thus the Chargers moved forward with the deal with the Eagles and parlayed those picks into Sammy Davis and Terrence Kiel.

Other Notes:

-The Chargers had three players on their draft board they were considering taking at the 15 spot. After they traded down, all three remained on the board. In essence, they traded down, acquiring an extra pick, without losing the top player on their board, Sammy Davis.

-"The reason for it is that we thought our player would be still there and it would give us an opportunity to pick up another second (round pick), putting us in position to get more good football players in the early rounds," said AJ Smith. "That was our thinking for that. It worked out great that we got the player that we wanted and an extra pick."

-Eric Steinbach was also on that list and carried the same grade as Davis, but with the need for cornerback far greater they chose to go that route.

-Drayton Florence always knew he would be selected by the Chargers. Director of Player Personnel Buddy Nix was the head coach at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga from 1984-92, a school that Florence attended for two years before transferring to Tuskegee. Nix was in constant contact with Florence throughout the season and offseason. He was seen regularly at games and broke down film with Florence.

-The Chargers have four picks remaining in the final four rounds of the draft, one in each round.

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