Will the real Charges Draft please stand up

"That first and second round and third round, particularly those first and seconds have to be real good football players. You want to get out of the gate," said General Manager AJ Smith. Yet I have yet to see the gate open.

Ok if anyone can explain to me what happened today in the draft please do. I understand that Sammy Davis was moving up the draft boards but I was shocked first that we traded down to #30 but second that they would take a CB when you had a Lineman like Eric Steinbeck still on the board or a Linebacker like Boss Bailey or EJ Henderson. I'm sorry I had Davis in the early second round not the first.

I also do not understand the pick of Drayton Florence when you just drafted a Corner and you need Defensive line help and you need back up O-Linemen. Don't get me wrong Florence could be a good DB but at # 2? Come on even Denis Savage had him at a 3 spot to the Chargers ironically and he was having a right on Draft.

Rob Curtis and I both were surprised with some of the moves that were made in the draft today and for all of you people who thought my Mock draft was insane, I have one question. What pick did McDougal go at??? It may not have been the Chargers but it was 15. And what pick Did Kwame Harris go at and Steinbeck and all the other Players I was e-mailed about that were top 20 picks that were not taken in the first round.

I thought for sure the Chargers would take Mike Doss with their Second round pick, I was so sure of it I had his name circled on my list which I should of threw out after Terence Newman went #5 to Dallas cause all my picks were shot after that. How Terrell Suggs dropped all the way to # 10 I have no Idea but guess what a Mock draft is, a guess. If today proved anything it proved NFL coaches and GM's are fickle and that a Draft is a guessing game.

"The reason we went all defensive backs is cause of how excited we were with the players available," said AJ Smith. "We were a little fearful of them going to someone else. It is a chess game. If I don't take him this round we he be there the next, well no one knows that."

We all know we need a safety but I never thought it would be Terrence Kiel, not when there were so many on the board that we could have taken Higher. When the Chargers said they were going to emphasize Defense I thought they were going to be serious about it, not take 2 DB's and a safety and forget the rest of their needs.

The only pick I can not argue with was Courtney Van Buren, a mammoth tackle that can come in and learn behind Damion McIntosh and Vaughn Parker and could see some playing time this year. He is an ex-Defensive tackle that brings that aggressive attitude to the offensive side of the Ball.

I am slightly confused about the rest of the picks, I am assured that the Sammy Davis pick was a good one and I had him going in the 2nd so I wont argue that one much but I am confused about the Two 2nd's we did take.

So if this is just a dream Pinch me and lets get the real draft started, if not then this Defense is going to be just as suspect next year as it was this year, unless the Chargers can pull off a miracle in free agency and the rest of the draft. Until then will the real draft please stand up because this one stinks.

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