Quick look at Day 2

Now that the first three rounds of the wildest Draft in recent memory are over. What is next for the San Diego Chargers?<br><br> The Chargers addressed their secondary needs quite effectively with two cornerbacks and a safety. They also addressed the need for a backup offensive tackle in round three.<br><br>

Are there bonus buys to be found?

You bet there are!

Along the defensive line, a second day priority, there are plenty of options remaining, including many players who have inexplicably fallen. The spirit of John Butler may yet be on the San Diego Chargers side.

Nick Eason of Clemson, Rien Long, the Outland Trophy winner, of Washington St, Jarret Johnson and Kenny King, both from Alabama, Dan Klecko of Temple, Ian Scott of Florida, Colin Cole of Iowa and Eric Manning of Oregon St are just a few who could be available in rounds four and five. And those are just the defensive tackles available!

Teams still looking for help along the defensive line that stand in front of the Chargers in round 4?

Dallas and Seattle are the two primary teams that need some size along the interior of the line. It is possible one or more other teams could see value along the defensive line as well.

At defensive end, Antonio Garay of Boston College, Jamaal Green of Miami, Kindal Moorehead of Alabama, Tuly Banta-Cain of Cal, and Clint Mitchell of Florida are a few solid prospects who could get some action.

The Chargers have made team speed a priority this Draft as evident from their day one picks.

Seth Marler is another candidate to be picked late in the day, and the Chargers could use another developmental prospect along the offensive line. They also will look at a few running backs that have dropped in the rankings as they search for a solid backup to LaDainian Tomlinson.

Can we expect more surprises?

Likely after monitoring the whole first day of the draft most of us stand dumbfounded before you. Some other players to keep an eye on:

Tim Provost of San Jose St, Mike Nattiel of Florida, Torrin Tucker of Southern Miss, Tony Pashos of Illinois, and LaBrandon Toefield of LSU among others.

Some wise decisions on Sunday cam make this draft which seems a little secondary heavy at the moment a windfall of fresh new talent for the Bolts.

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