Undrafted Free Agency

Undrafted free agents who dropped out of the Draft could be of interest to the San Diego Chargers. We offer insight into why they went undrafted and what they have to offer.

Torrin Tucker a player with a terrible attitude and a second round grade. One scout said, "Sported a foul temper in college and he is immature." There is certainly more to this story, stay tuned…

Eric Manning, undersized for a defensive tackle at 6-1, 300 pounds. "I can make it in the NFL," said Manning.

Clifton Smith a linebacker out of Syracuse but hamstring injuries hurt his chances at the combines and he never recovered.

Nick Burley who at 240 pounds is considered too light to play defensive end. Some teams have worked him out at linebacker and thus he has become a player without a true position. "I just want to go where the system fits me," Burley said. "I'm more comfortable at defensive end, but I'm a football player. I can adjust. Once I get on the field, I just have to make plays."

Terrance Martin a 6-3, 299 pound defensive tackle out of NC State.

LaMarcus McDonald fell due to questions about his size, 6-1, 227 pounds and his football intelligence. He also posted slow 40 times. He does have the TCU connection to LaDainian Tomlinson.

Will Ofenheusle who missed the Senior Bowl. He said he turned down that invitation because of a stinger around his neck, concern enough for his doctor to recommend not playing. That injury concern cost him as NFL teams shied away. Still a 6-8, 305 pound offensive tackle…

Colin Cole a defensive tackle out of Iowa fell due to lack of size, but Cole has spent tiem at defensive end and been effective.

Mike Bush out of Washington State is another 6-5 wideout who has good hands but lacks speed and route running skills.

Shantee Orr a 6-1, 255 pound defensive end from Michigan never returned to his dominance after a knee injury cost him two months of playing time. That concern and his lack of size dropped him right out of the draft.

6-6 defensive end Clifton Washburn of Citadel only played football one season ever, he didn't even play in high school. Yet in that season Washburn tied the school's single-season (12) and single-game (four) record for sacks, finished with 56 tackles, including a conference-leading 20 behind the line of scrimmage for a total loss of 90 yards. He also caused three fumbles and recovered two.

Anthony Davis, a 6-4, 329-pound offensive guard, was considered a late round pick by many and not chosen.

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