Little Known Bogle Signed

Phil Bogle signed with the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent out of New Haven. Bogle was scouted heavily by the Chargers.

Chargers OL coach Hudson Houck worked out Phil Bogle from New Haven.

Bogle's estimated weight was 330 pounds, and we mean estimate because the meat scale they had to use only went to 325 pounds, so he literally tipped the scale. He ran a 5.19 in the 40, had 27-inch vertical against a wall, which we equate to a normal 30-inch vertical, benched 21 times, had an 8-foot-6 in the long jump and ran a 4.5 in the short shuttle.

Oddly enough it is the New Haven Chargers.

"I came to New Haven and played all four years, starting every game. I never had a major injury to keep me out of the lineup. It's definitely been a good experience; staying on the field, gaining experience, and growing to love the game even more. It was a fulfilling feeling and that's why I made it this far."

"My footwork and my strength are my biggest assets," he said. "And my knowledge of the game is excellent because I was a starter for four years and I've been on the field the whole time. Staying in the weight room was a big thing for me. That's why I'm really strong. My footwork is a lot different from those bigger guys. A lot of people watch film on me and see that I am really good on the ground and that I have great balance."

Houck was willing to fly cross-country to chat with the prospect.

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