City and Chargers Agree

What do I know?<br><br> Just as I say there is no news regarding the efforts for a new stadium in San Diego, I am blindsided while at a convention in Las Vegas. Since it took me until today to get my Internet connection I relate the old news, an agreement on the 90 day window the Chargers had to negotiate with the city on a deal, ending June 2nd, has been extended pending City Council approval.

Special Counsel to the San Diego Chargers Mark Fabiani issued the following statement on Wednesday:

The Chargers have agreed to the City of San Diego's request to extend for 90 more days the time for negotiations mandated by the team's current lease with the City.

The Chargers agreed to the City's request because we want the Chargers and the Super Bowl to be part of the San Diego community for many years to come, and we want to give these negotiations every chance to succeed.

The 90-day extension, if approved by the City Council, will begin on June 3, 2003. The Chargers are mindful, though, that the practical deadline for eliminating the ticket guaranty under a new lease is early August 2003, before the City Council takes its summer recess and the team plays its first home preseason game. Between now and then, the entire Chargers organization is determined to work as hard as possible to make progress in these negotiations.

This tidbit can go into the "positive news" section of my previous article. Call it a beautiful public relations move from a number of standpoints.

First the Chargers and the City have come to see some common ground in extending the agreement, pending City Council approval which should be a formality. City Council members will be asked Monday to extend the ongoing private contract talks.

Coming the same day the economic impact of the Super Bowl to San Diego and the spin holds even more weight.

Second, this news gives the fans continued hope to add to the excitement around town regarding the Chargers. Talk around town is of David Boston and the new Chargers offense, the draft that netted a plethora of defensive help and a kicking battle that will be the talk of camp.

The Chargers originally triggered the clause in their contract on March 4th, considered bad timing after letting go of so many veterans that had been fan favorites. Now they are looking to right the ship.

Reporting from Vegas and signing out- Denis Savage

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