NFL Meetings are here

The annual NFL spring meetings are here and are going to be held in downtown Philadelphia next Tuesday and Wednesday on May 20th and 21st. I am not going to look at all aspects of the meetings; my agenda is to look at what effects the Chargers at these meetings, 1 is the proposal by the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots to expand the Playoff teams from 12 to 14 and the play off games from 11 to 13. The Second is the Stadium financing program.

Let's start with the latter since it affects us at this time. If the NFL decides to drop the policy on helping owners to fund the stadiums by giving them a loan, How will that effect the negotiations that the team are currently having with the City? The Chargers said they are willing to look at funding 100 percent of a new stadium but part of this proposal is they were hoping for funds from the NFL, if they can no longer get these funds would they still be willing to fund 100 percent or would that amount change.

What if they decided to continue with the financing but dropped the amount they are willing to put towards the fund, how would that effect the way the Chargers and the Cities negotiations are going, will the Chargers still fund the Stadium 100 percent or will they fund 95 percent and the other 5 percent come from the city to make up for the lack of funds that they will now NOT get from the NFL. These talks are going to be most interesting to watch as they play along next week.

The second interesting thing is the Expansion of the playoffs and the and the Playoff teams, how will that affect the Chargers, if they expand them and the Chargers finish 8-8 like they did last year will they make the Playoffs? If they keep the teams and the games as they stand now will 9-7 or even 10-6 get them into the playoffs, one thing you have to admit is that Football is a game of odds, depending on how the teams do and how many finish with the same Win/Loss record is depending on who makes the playoffs.

I can remember one year several teams making the playoffs with 8-8 records and other times teams with a 10-6 record not even getting in, what will the odds be if they change the Format from where it stands now? More importantly how will it affect the teams, will they then expand into LA instead of looking to move a Franchise, if they expand the games and the Playoff teams it could be a possibility.

These meetings if anything have some real interesting scenarios that will be coming out of them that can affect every team in the league, but I am not worked up about every team in the league, I am worried about how they will affect the San Diego Chargers.

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