And Diedrick makes 4

Dahrran Diedrick is looking forward to his new life in the NFL, signed as a free agent after the draft Diedrick Said "San Diego is the best fit for me right now, other teams had a lot more running backs, so it should be easier for me to go there to fight for a job."

Fight for a job is correct, LT is solidified as the #1 and behind him is now a pile up With Jesse Chatman and Andrew Pinnock who are already entrenched in some sorts as the running/short yardage backs. Diedrick will do battle with 3 other backs Demarco McClesky, Nick Maddox and Antonio Harris. They are all trying to unseat Chatman and Pinnock who are the early favorites to make this team.

Diedrick had a stellar year his junior year at Nebraska with 1,299 yards rushing, but his stats went as Nebraska's season did, they finished 7-7 and he finished with only 931 yards rushing. The good thing about the NFL is it is what can you do for me now, not what you did in College, your college career may have opened the door but if you don't have what it takes to play in the NFL I don't care if you were picked #1 you are not going to make the team.

"I'm really looking forward to it," Diedrick said of his opportunity. "It's just another step after college and I‘m hoping I can play well enough to make a career out of it in the NFL. I know I have to work on everything and I have to step up and get my whole game better, but I am ready."

Well I hope so, the game is faster and the players hit harder but if anyone has a chance to prove that he make the cut and make this team it is Diedrick and he just might be wear Blue and Gold in Qualcomm Stadium this year.

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