Chargers Update Exclusive: PJ Mays Coach

PJ Mays joined the San Diego Chargers late last week and Chargers Update quickly snared his running back Coach over at Youngstown State for an interview. Sam Eddy spoke with us regarding Mays' strengths and willingness to contribute to the team. Listening to Coach Eddy, the hope is he finds a spot for himself in San Diego.

With not many of us getting out to the windy confines of Youngstown State in Ohio, Coach Eddy was able to give us the intel we need to surmise our own opinions of PJ Mays, a recent pickup of the San Diego Chargers.

"His biggest thing that he brings to the table is his tremendous vision. He will see a cut and make people miss. He is not the fastest guy around; he is probably a 4.65 (in the 40). He is one of those guys who is going right, then all of a sudden he is sliding left."

"I coached his position and worked with him for three years. He is a tremendous young man in the sense you are not going to find a guy that will be as conscientious and work as hard and be reliable. He is not going to make a bad decision that will affect the organization by doing something that brings a negative light."

The trend of the offseason for the Bolts has been bringing in good character guys, good habits will blossom through the team with the veterans here leading the charge, but to have some of the younger guys here with their heads screwed on straight will breed hard nosed practices and a commitment to the Marty Schottenheimer philosophy.

Mays had an impressive conference record 41 touchdowns and his junior season at Youngstown State was the pinnacle.

"His stats as a junior were his best. As a junior he was averaging 131 yards per game and had 21 touchdowns. I think the telling thing in his junior year; we played at Marshall where he rushed the ball 30 times for 201 yards and three touchdowns.

"The thing is he is a good ball carrier. The only thing he is missing is he is flat out, not fast."

Most running backs will run in the 4.3-4.5 range so Mays is not really that far off, and in game speed from 40 times are two different things. While the hype created by fast 40 times can mean the difference between getting drafted and not, the truth is how they play the game should hold the most weight.

Showing solid morals Mays left Cincinnati to be closer to his family.

"He is originally from Youngstown, his mother is here. He played some fullback at Cincinnati. He would have continued to compete there in Cincinnati, I cannot say whether he would have been a star or not, but he was on the Conference USA All-Rookie Team, so it is not like he was a guy who wasn't playing there. The biggest motivation was his mother was from here, he has got a brother who might be six now so it was kind of hard for his mother to get down and see him. It's the conscientious aspect there, family means a lot to him and he wants them around, so I am going to go back where I feel things will be better for me."

Most of all Mays is looking for a chance, any chance to make a squad. Dedication, talent, and hard work can grant him that chance. Some choices you have to make alone.

"He was looking for an opportunity and I don't think the opportunities were coming along as he would have liked, and he went where they tell you, ‘hey you are going to have a chance.' I talked to a couple of scouts but outside of that, I don't think as a staff we had a lot to do with it."

"If he makes it he will do whatever he is asked to do. He is a consummate team player. He will do whatever he is asked to do, and will always make good decisions. He is a great person and it is good that at least he gets a chance."

A chance.

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