San Diego's Super Bowl Financial Impact is out

San Diego has been waiting for these documents to see how much a financial impact the Super Bowl makes on the city when it is held here, well it is out and let's just say the city made 72 million more this go around then they did in 1998 and the Chargers must be happy.

In 1998 the city of San Diego made $295 million dollars when they held the Super bowl, this year the City of San Diego made $367 million a gain of 72 million dollars. This is how it breaks down:

194 Million in direct spending:
o $49.5 million on food/beverage
o $43.5 million on lodging
o $37.2 million on "other" (e.g., printing, rental equipment, labor)
o $22.7 million on shopping (non-food items)
o $22.6 million on entertainment
o $16.2 million on local transportation
o $2 million on shopping (food items)

It also impacted the City in this way:
• $173 million in indirect spending ("chain-reaction" caused by direct spending)
• 348,000 visitors in San Diego due to Super Bowl XXXVII and related activities
• 168,600 total hotel room nights generated by Super Bowl XXXVII activities
• Super Bowl XXXVII was the most-watched TV broadcast in history (140 million U.S. households, according to Neilsen ratings)
• $7.3 million in increased tax revenues generated for San Diego
• $1.6 million raised in direct donations for local charities
• A NFL donation of more than $300,000 to the Latino communities of San Diego and Tijuana as part of the first-ever Super Bowl Latino Leadership Initiative

(The study was based on extensive research, with data collected from surveys, the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce's Economic Research Bureau, Smith Travel Research, United States Department of Commerce Economic and Statistics Administration's Bureau of Economic Analysis, ABC Sports, ESPN, the NFL and news media reports)

Now what does this mean to the Chargers? Well it helps the Chargers in their negotiations. Many wondered how much of an impact the Super Bowl really meant to the city, well it means $367 million dollars for the city of San Diego, and it means in one Week of Super Bowl Activities this city's economy received a huge boost. It means the city of San Diego needs the San Diego Chargers in order to continue to get Super Bowls and to continue to generate that kind of money for this city.

It means some roads will get paved, some schools will get funds, and a library might get built. Everything that everyone came out for a reason against the San Diego Chargers getting a new stadium just went out the window. That would more then pay for the cities half of a new stadium if the San Diego Chargers were not so willing to pay for the whole stadium themselves.

It means that there is no more "The Chargers are costing us Money" even if you subtract the Money which has been averaged at 23 million a year since the induction of the Ticket Guarantee that one Super Bowl(not including the income made from the 1998 Super Bowl) Generated the City as a whole $229 million dollars. That is a nice sum of cash for 7 days.

OK, OK now I know I will hear it, ‘Well the Super Bowl is not the Chargers'. Hundreds of Millions of dollars every 8 years or so does not mean a thing when the City has a ticket Guarantee. We need schools, we need libraries, we are in an economic rut what do we need a Football franchise for?

Well we need a Football Franchise to help us to forget our grinding week and for 8 weekends (unless they go to the playoffs then add 1 or 2 games) it means you get to see some of your favorite teams every year even if you are not a Charger Fan. It means money that will still go to schools and underprivileged kids that the Charger organization induces its own funds into the community each year.

It means scholarships for students who in other cases would not get the chance to go to college. It means kids who are lying in hospital beds who never get to go to games because they have Cancer, AIDS or some other life threatening disease that keeps them hospitalized get to see their Favorite players and get autographs and hugs that mean more to them then it would mean to anyone of us.

What does this financial impact mean for the San Diego Chargers?

It means there is a financial reason to keep them in this city, especially since the city of San Diego is one of the sites that could be put in a 5-10 City Rotation and that impact would be every 5-10 years meaning an infusion of funds that the City would not be able to incorporate in a 7 day event any other way.

It means the San Diego Chargers Should remain the San Diego Chargers.

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