Do the Chargers really spend Money?

The biggest argument I hear is that the Chargers do not spend Money, or Do they? Reports are out on the Chargers expenditures, and they have spent a few dollars on their Players.

Just last Month the Charges spent a league high $177,500 dollars in signing bonus's on undrafted college free agents. Wait you say, that is not what I mean, I did not mean on some rookie, I meant on someone that can really help this team. The Chargers did not spend money on players who could help this team.

Well the Truth of the matter is you're correct, Last year they signed Tim Dwight to ungodly contract, with a 5 million dollar signing Bonus and he put up 3rd string #'s, granted he did not get the ball thrown to him much the first 4 games, but then again he did not take the opportunity (I.E.. The Rams Game) When the Ball was thrown his way.

John Butler (God Bless him) has always said, "We have always spent right up to the cap that is one thing about ownership here; people can say everything they want. They have given every resource possible to us since I have been here. Millions of dollars it takes for signing bonuses, everything. So if anybody says, it is so erroneous, we have always been right up there. Matter of fact when I came aboard that was one of the first things, we were 1-15 and we were already tight to the cap, which you really don't like to be, not when you're there, but that's the way it works and we're gonna stay, we're gonna go right to the top."

The sad thing is they spent Money but not on the players that count, except Donnie Edwards. Granted Stephen Alexander came on late in the year, but was his play worth the money he was paid? Some can say the same about Marcellus Wiley, though he played with a bad Groin and Stomach tear and still got 6 sacks.

This year the Chargers spent money again, they got David Boston (one of the premier receivers in the league) and Lorenzo Neal in Free agency. Hopefully they made the offense that much better, but what about Defense? The Only Money they have spent on defense is to sign their own free agents other then that they have not spent much money. Though that can all change come June 1st when a number of players are due to become free agents.

It has been said it is not the amount but the Quality that you spend the amount on, well the Chargers have been spending, but it has all been on Quantity. The Quality of their expenditures have yet to be seen.

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