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These days it seems I get a lot of e-mail from fans of our site some good, some bad, depending on what the article is I write. Some fans think I am an idiot (i.e. my mock draft), other fans like the fact I write as a fan not as someone who is paid to do this.

I have always been one to write what I feel, never have and never will conform to others beliefs that I should write everything positive, as many of my friends (EC, Chargeroo, Foober, Jtracy, and many more who I love talking football with) on the Union Tribune Website can attest to. I always try to keep positive but when I think this team is doing something that stinks I let you know it. If I think they are doing something terrific, I let you know it. If a Player should sit, I say it. If a players should play, I say let them play.

That is not what this article is about though. Most of you know what I am about; you either talk to me in the forums or read my stories. I don't want to talk about other writers, like Denis Savage (Who has to be the hardest working editor/PR guy in this business), DR.J (and his terrific Mailbox), Rob Curtis (who I believe is one of the most intelligent football people that I talk to), TSX (and his great Chargers updates) and the rest of the Update staff. I want to talk about our Web site.

I am not one who believes in tooting their own horn, but these guys put out some great articles for fans to read Our website is updated Daily with Chargers news, anything that is going on we get the information and inform you about it, whether it is good or bad. We may not be the Union Tribune or the North County Times but at least you know when you read our stories and have something to say about it, we will at least e-mail you back and let you know we got your e-mail good or bad. Why do we do this?

You are fans just like us, and just like us you got tired of never seeing anything in the paper on the Chargers unless it was negative, never getting the whole story, only bits and pieces. You hear about the Stadium issues and the Ticket Guarantees, but not the scholarships, and the Children's foundations. You never know anything positive is going on with the Chargers because no one reports it. We do.

We want you to know anything and everything that is going, down to them changing their cleat style if we can do it. Why? Because it is the fans that make or break a team, it is the fans that pay the players salaries. Without you the Owners would not have the money, without you, the media would have no product to sell, and without you a life long charger fan would not get the opportunity to sit and write about the Team that he has loved to watch play since he was a kid.

This is not a story that is promoting our site, because the site promotes itself, you either like to read our stories or you don't, you either feel you are informed or you're not.

This is a story of Thank you! Thank you to people like Mario from Canada, to Reif (who though we disagreed on a story still reads them), to Dr. Brandon Ross (who has just as much love for Donna Frye that I do), To Captain Scott Sveinsson (who is serving this great country of ours over in Germany) and thank you to all of you fans who don't e-mail or whom I forgot to mention. Thank you and keep reading, you keep reading and we will keep you informed. Thank you all for being not only great fans of a great organization but also for being fans. We will see you in the trenches.

Thank you from all of us here at Chargers Update,
Tom Criswell

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