Brees Solid Showing

San Diego Chargers quarterback Drew Brees drops back to pass. He scans the field looking for an open receiver and finds none going through his progressions. He pulls the ball down and gets some happy feet as the defense bears down on him. The victim of a coverage sack, yet somehow he gets the ball off for a completion. Sound like game time? While we all wish it was, it was just practice and there were no linemen rushing him.

During 6 on 7 drills, six offensive players and seven defenders, the offense won most of the battles. The coverage was good on one such run and Brees appeared to duck thinking to run before realizing there were no linemen chasing him and he could set is feet and deliver a throw.

Drew Brees looked solid in his five step drops. He showed fluid movement and did not appear to be hindered by the recent surgery that saw calcium deposits removed from his lower right leg, nor did he show any signs of favoring it, all great signs that Brees will be ready for camp.

Brees also looked solid passing the ball. There were some communication breakdowns, including one where Tim Dwight did not turn to look for the ball and Brees threw the ball behind him. Brees pointed out what he expected as the two huddled and talked about the throw and expected cut to the outside which never happened. It was good to see Brees take the role of leader and air his thoughts on the play.

Fact is Brees went through all the drills in this workout session and was delivering some nice touch on his passes, especially the deep balls.

The offense ran simulated running drills against the defense with the defense trying to get a hand or two on the running back. The defense looked good during this drill although a few big holes were created on outside runs.

The offense also practiced its pitch tosses to running backs and the pulling of the offensive line with no defense to interfere. This came moments after the O-line did their own similar drills with some other O-lineman acting as the guys they would block. The coaches were all over this segment, giving pointers.

Quarterbacks ran a bunch of shotgun drills with running backs to either side. Each running back would go off into a seam route and Brees, Adamson and Lemon were delivering the ball well to the running backs.

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