Why is the Off-season so Dead

Have you ever wondered why the off season is so dead? Or why there is no information on workouts or on the players' conditions or status? Why is no one talking about weight rooms, or work outs, practices, or throw a rounds? Probably because there are not many happening.

According to the NFLPA from the end of the previous season, teams are only allowed to hold 14 organized workouts which are defined by the player/club operations. Clubs may schedule or conduct workout programs no more then 16 total weeks and no more then 4 workouts per week for each individual player.

So you may not hear about your favorite player everyday, and since it is voluntary who knows who will show up.

Players are allowed to workout on their own on weekends using club facilities if he wishes to do so.

Contact work (e.g., "live" blocking, tackling, pass rushing, bump and run) is expressly prohibited in all off season workouts.

The best part is how much they get paid.

These Multimillionaires who during the season make astronomical salaries (some players) get paid the amount of $100 per day for any workouts or classroom instruction in which they participate pursuant to a clubs voluntary (mandatory) work out. Provided the player fulfills the clubs off-season workout requirements.

In other words it is not beneficial for players to be here in the off-season to work out, yet they still show up.

Coaching staffs have to be timely with their workouts for they only get a total of 14 full workouts with the players and that includes mini camp and summer camp. This is why you hear the Chargers hold 2 practices here and 2 practices there and the rest of the time are individual workouts and rehab workouts.

So as we fans sit here and gripe that there is nothing going on or that the teams are hiding stuff from us, there in fact is nothing going on because there is nothing allowed to be going on not because teams and coaches don't want to. So is the life of the off-season football fan stuck with NFL Europe and Arena Football, man I even miss the XFL.

Someone just answer one question for me? Is it August Yet?

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*Information from the NFLPA was used in this report

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