Slow Day at the Office

On a cloudy day in San Diego the Chargers are back at work. It was a lazy day out there and the pace of practice was slow. Teammates lined up around the back of a full offense (led mostly by Drew Brees) vs. full defense drill. While "real" hitting is not allowed the receivers ran real routes and the secondary got their hands up in defense.

What drill do we speak of?

Well a full offense lined up against a full defense out on the field complete with playcalling and defensive strategy to defend the play. Heck even a few blitzes were thrown in, although no one "really" blocked anyone they did do some pushing around. Still there were some exciting moments, and some that left players shaking their own heads.

These may come fast and furious, but the drills keep running whether Chargers Update take notes or not…

Nick Maddox made the first grab of the drill when he caught a ball with a defender draped over his back.

LaDainian Tomlinson then made an impressive one handed grab off a pass from Cleo Lemon. Just priming himself for the expanded role he will have this season perhaps?

Josh Norman then blew by a few linebackers, proving he is a mismatch in coverage, and was hit in stride by Drew Brees who took the bulk of the snaps on the day.

Lemon took the snap dropped back and passed the ball low and behind Andrew Pinnock who made a diving stab at the ball, but came up empty.

Brees showed some nice touch on the day. He split defenders with the ball as Reche Caldwell was able to just get behind Drayton Florence who missed the ball with his fingertips by less than an inch. On the other side sat a safety who could not get over in time as Caldwell came down with the ball.

Dondre Gilliam does just enough to get noticed yet again. It is no wonder why he is on the practice squad. Just like last year he tries his hardest on each play and is always the last one off the field. He made another nice grab today on a pass from Lemon.

Rob Adamson did not get a lot of looks out there today, he likely will get the bulk of work tomorrow with Brees possibly sitting out. David Boston was set in double coverage with Jerry Wilson and Quentin Jammer on him. Boston set out streaking down the field, the defenders staying in tight when Adamson let fly. Too bad Adamson thought Boston would stop and turn towards the sidelines – the ball landed harmlessly, about 15 yards from where Boston was.

Donnie Edwards, a stalwart in coverage against tight ends last season was pitted against Stephen Alexander. You could see the eyes of Edwards bulge as he closed in for the interception, yet he jumped too soon and the ball beat him there as Alexander made the grab and turned…Edwards looked in disbelief at his hands.

Jordan Kramer provided solid coverage from his linebacker position getting in tight on Terry Charles and forcing a dropped ball from him.

Rogers Beckett got the "OOOhh's" of the day when just missed a Brees pass intended for Caldwell. Beckett jumped in front of Caldwell and got both hands on the ball, popping it up in the air and following it to the ground and tipping it up before it fell incomplete.

Red Zone:

Down in the red zone, Brees hit Alexander in front of Terrence Kiel and Alexander promptly dove into the end zone stretching the ball over the goal line for a touchdown.

Brees again went swiftly through his progressions and checked off until he found his fourth option Caldwell in the middle of the field and zipped the ball to him for a reception.

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