Brees to Boston and More…

Everyone wants to hear San Diego Chargers quarterback Drew Brees lays one up to a streaking David Boston who takes it in stride going the distance for a touchdown. Well Friday saw a lot of action head their way. Besides that, having the weekend off seemed to spur on Brees who was showing he can ball, practice or not.

Thursday, Brees made Ben Leber bite on a play where it looked like he might scramble. Friday he actually found no one open on one play and took the ball around the left end, scurrying down the sidelines about 20 yards before stepping out of bounds. This from a guy who had offseason surgery. It is safe to say he is not feeling many ill-effects from the surgery he had this offseason. Brees again took most of the snaps in practice and now is the time to start developing a rhythm with his receivers. With Doug Flutie still out, Brees will likely continue to get the bulk of the practice reps.

Brees made good use of his decoys in today's drills. At one point going through progressions he checked off to his running back pulling two linebackers in and found a seam created in the open space hitting David Boston in the flat.

Brees also took a few risks on some of his throws. It is hard to say whether he was testing his arm and threading the needle, or missed the coverage scheme. One thing is certain, Boston has become an instant favorite. Boston in double coverage between Terrence Kiel and LaMarcus McDonald showed his concentration as Brees split the D with a pass that Boston secured. Kiel and McDonald were definitely surprised, first that they could not get a hand on the ball and second that Boston caught it.

Brees went to the well again, throwing the ball to Boston who was running down the sidelines expecting a potential over the shoulder catch, Sammy Davis hanging with him stride for stride. The battle ended as a draw when the ball sailed a bit too far and no one was able to get a hand on the ball.

Staying with the Brees to Boston theme, which should be a whole lot of fun to watch this season, Tony Okanlawon drew the duo in practice a few times today. So who got the best of whom?

In one instance of this matchup Brees delivered a perfect pass to Boston 40 yards downfield (that should get anyone excited) and there was Okanlawon smothering Boston in coverage and hand fighting for the ball. In this case the defense won, incomplete pass.

Another matchup of the pair saw Okanlawon again running stride for stride blanketing Boston. The ball from Brees however was not on target and ended up bouncing off the shoulder of Boston as he tried to reach behind him to snare the ball. If it was on target Okanlawon was in position to make a play. The defense won again this round, even if Okanlawon was not the source of the incomplete pass, he did his job.

Everyone else has been anticipating Quentin Jammer to get some good exposure this offseason defending Boston. It finally happened today. On a post pattern by Boston, Jammer showed a quick closing speed burst and smacked a ball out of the air seconds before it met its target. That is the play most have been waiting for and the progress most hoped would be achieved.

One drill had Brees and Cleo Lemon dropping back to pass with two receivers running out and ups and both receivers, Eric Parker and Reche Caldwell caught the ball at the exact same yardage marker, on separate sides of the field, at the exact same time. It was almost eerie. Too bad the rest of practice was not always that crisp.

More notes to come regarding Mackenzie Hoambrecker and his field goals, as well as an offense versus defense drill with a full set of downs and 80 yards to go for a touchdown on Sunday morning.

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