Flutie Returns

Doug Flutie made a return to the field today. The mobile quarterback had been missing from the previous week of practice. Oddly enough all four quarterbacks in camp were on the field today in a spirited session.

Doug Flutie struggled early on with his touch as he tossed a few deep balls that were a bit too far for his receivers.

He came back strong with some precise throws in coverage later in the session. Flutie hit Eric Parker between three defenders in a showing that proved it would not take him long to get back into game shape with his throws.

Drew Brees got his reps with the first team of receivers for most of the day, while Flutie and Lemon fought for the best among the rest.

Rob Adamson again was not getting reps as a hurler. Instead he was given the role of handing the ball off to running backs as they practiced cutting behind a blocking offensive lineman who turned one way or the other sealing the hole.

The running backs rebounded today with sure hands and an attitude to match. It appears they got a stiff talking to for their play on Friday when it seemed they could do nothing right. Today they caught any ball that was within distance and ran running drills with some ferocity.

David Boston spent a lot of time on his back today. It wasn't because he was stretching, but rather he was knocked down at least four times while running routes. The defense was full of zest today as they came out with a mission.

Coverage on Boston was tight all day today at practice. A plethora of defenders were in coverage on him and most of the time Boston ended with the ball securely fastened in his hands, but on the ground as defenders got tangled in his legs, or dove for the ball to deflect it and hit his body instead. Harsh treatment for the star player, but for the defense to get better they must start making those plays.

Onome Ojo made his debut on the field today. The former Saint and Buccaneer replaces John Lyman on the roster as Lyman was released. Ojo, at 6-4, is in competition with Kassim Osgood and Terry Charles as the Bolts look to add another receiver with height. With the inconsistent play thus far of the two wideouts, Ojo may bring healthy competition and spur them on to be better than they have thus far.

Antonio Gates spent a lot of time working on blocking drills with the coaches. The concern for him when he was signed was how he would handle blocking assignments. Coaches worked with him to determine who to block and when.

Speaking of tight ends, Josh Norman still cannot shake the bouts he has with concentration. It seems like the first route he runs, he drops the ball and after that he is fine for the rest of practice. This was a common trend for him last season in games.

Phil Bogle was also in on the blocking drills as most of the offensive tackles worked along side the tight ends. Bogle was also getting tons of reps, and tons of coaching lessons. Bogle was given the assignment of double-teaming one rusher and releasing to block another defender who was closing in. After each attempt coaches would point out his shortcomings and explain how he could maneuver better to take on the second block.

Michael Keathley was on with his blocking today. Keathley was seeing good time out there and was effectively run blocking on the second level. Keathley was being used on pulls and crushing his assignments to open holes for various backs.

-Denis Savage (you know the email address by now)

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