Let's Squash the Stadium Issue

Ok I know that we have all been waiting and there has been article after article, Reporter after Reporter going off on this Stadium Issue. We have Council Members who are not behind the Project (Donna Frye), we have members of the San Diego Charger Organization that are not very PR friendly (Dean Spanos). But can we please for a little while squash the stadium issue and move on to something else.

Let's face it, the Chargers are either going to move or they are not. They are currently in negotiations with the City Council and the City of San Diego to come up with a deal that is going to be beneficial for both parties. Right now as it stands the Chargers are willing to pay for 100 percent of the stadium costs as long as some conditions are met, such as renovating the property around it, naming rights, and the lease of the land is affordable.

The City wants certain conditions met before they will even consider a deal. They want to get rid of the controversial Ticket Guarantee, drop the Trigger Clause and the Chargers guarantee they will stay here for the long haul. Sounds simple right? If it were you and I the deal would have been signed a long time ago. It is not though, so Politics Rage on.

Just incase those of you are keeping count. The people who claim the City needs more money for schools need to check the papers, The City are closing schools down, not opening them. Two are closing down in Santee alone. Santee Elementary and Sycamore Canyon Elementary. What saddens me about that is I went to Santee Elementary, My Children have gone to Santee Elementary, and My 3 year old will never get that chance. So if you want to complain, complain about our Governor Closing schools instead of building them.

If you want to complain about the economy look no further then the Governor of this here state. Don't look at the Chargers for the bad Economy, they did not cause it. If anything they gave us a break away from the stress of thinking about it. At least for 6 straight games that is. But they are going to be better this year and I predict ahead of time that they will make the Playoffs this year.

Blame the Politicians who say they will make sure the schools are built but are too busy getting busted taking money from the Stripping industry to open more strip clubs instead of more Schools or libraries. Don't take away our recreation because others do not know how to control their hormones or are too greedy to care what the citizens of this city want.

Am I worried about this team moving to LA?

Not really, why should I, LA doesn't want them. The Chargers are not stupid enough to give up partnerships in this organization when they fought so hard to get rid of the ones they had. Let's face it; anyone that wants to build a stadium in LA is going to want a piece of the team that moves there.

At the owners meeting they voted to allow Carson to make a bid. That did not sit well with one member of the league who was quoted, "I think another site beyond those that have been mentioned is going to surface," said Policy, one of five owners in the L.A. Working Group, the committee considering future sites for pro football's return to Los Angeles.

The other thing that is going in San Diego's favor is the fact that the Spanos's want to put their team in a new stadium not a renovated one. Let's face it if you renovate the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl you might as well just renovate the Q, because the Q is newer then both those stadiums and for the price that it is estimated to renovate either of those stadiums they could build a new one right here in San Diego, and come in cheaper.

So let's put it to rest. They say patience is a virtue and no news is good news, so let's let the Lawyers and Politicians battle it out and then we will get our chance to vote it in come 2004. That is my honest belief. No more LA talk, mini-camp is among us and preseason is 2 months away. Let's get ready for some fun in the Sun guys. Let's get ready for some Football.

Tom Criswell (the controversial one) can be reached at: tcrisswell@cox.net or via the following link: Tom Criswell
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