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All offseason I have heard Kassim Osgood this and Terry Charles that from fans. Yet so far the only guys making consistent plays have been the shorter receivers. The recent signing of Onome Ojo by the San Diego Chargers does not bode well for anyone, as Josh Lyman can attest to. Even the likes of Brian Sump, who has had a fantastic camp thus far, may be feeling the heat the organization just applied.

Put up or shut up and pack your bags is the motto. Thus far neither Terry Charles nor Kassim Osgood has established themselves as that tall receiver that can be utilized opposite David Boston in the red zone, or anywhere else on the field for that matter.

Another concern is the possibility of damaging the confidence of Brian Sump who has stolen the show in the battle for the fifth wide receiver spot. Sure Josh Lyman was released to make room, but the signing of Onome Ojo speaks volumes of the wanting of height from that open position.

We have not even discussed Tim Baker who signed some time ago and is 6-5. Baker has not made an impression at camp, not a good or bad thing when considering the competition playing poorly.

Julian Lovett, the former Michigan state product, signed on not too long ago as well. He too is among the taller receivers at camp. He has not seen much action early in camp either.

You have four guys 6-3+ and sign a fifth. If that does not tell you a story, I do not know what does. Let's face it; the Chargers would like a receiver with height to win that battle.

Add in Grant Mattos of the 6-2 variety and only two receivers fall under 6-0, Dondre Gilliam and Sump, yet those two have had the best camps. Can you see the desperation in the eyes of the Chargers brass?

With Osgood and Charles struggling from various afflictions, the move made sense. Yet the shorter guys will have to now impress that much more.

Ojo spent time Monday running some basic routes uncovered and looked smooth. He was catching balls with regularity and in the coming weeks has a real shot at sticking.

Charles has had a tough time keeping his balance on routes and his cuts have not been smooth. Add a lack of concentration to the mix and the concerns are obvious. Maybe he is having trouble coming into his own from the injury that cost him last season. He does look tentative and it could be costing him his confidence in his ability to cut and run smooth routes. It could also cost him a spot on this team.

Osgood is having similar issues. He is not getting off the line very well thus far and when the ball is catching the ball with his chest instead of his arms. The result is dropped passes and a shattered confidence in his abilities. This is a guy who caught over a 100 balls last season. He needs to go back to what he was doing right back then.

Sump is catching anything thrown his way, and he has yet to even begin catching kickoffs, a role Chargers Update forecast him to have. He not only looks fast, he is fast. Ask him to do something and he just does it, no questions asked.

Now Ojo joins the fray and is looking to sweep in like the third wheel and win the fifth spot.

Of course it is early, and maybe we are looking too much into this. Roster spots are won based on the attitude throughout camp, but the early signs point to a philosophy change among the brass. All these players now need to step up or they could become another Lyman, lost and forgotten as quickly as they came.

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