<b>Oh oh...</b><br><br> The San Diego Chargers have signed a very raw WR named Onome Ojo. <br><br> Ojo only played two years of College football at UC Davis, and had basically zero football exposure before that.


Despite the lack of experience, Onome Ojo was drafted by New Orleans in the 5th round in 2001 and then spent the next 2 seasons on the sidelines with the exception of a 10 game season in NFL Europe. He was released by Tampa Bay on May 5th.


Ojo is a big target with good hands, big play ability, and an outstanding work ethic. This zero has some zip. Ojo is usually the last player to leave the practice field and has been working out with Jerry Rice in Rice's off season torture camps.


The age of free agency has seen a decline in the development of 'long term-project' type players to almost nothing.

Ojo could concievably become one of those rare players who slip through the cracks, only to land in the right situtation with the right team.

The Chargers are currently taking a shotgun approach to searching out a big possession wide receiver, and this is one long-shot who could actually pay off big.


O. Ojo was issued the number 15 by the Chargers who seemingly have no marketing vision whatsoever -- how about 00?


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