The last Camp

The Chargers are heading into Mini Camp on June 12-14; there will be major competition at many positions as one of the most talented groups of players the Chargers have witnessed for some time will be assembled. This won't be the last Mini Camp in San Diego, but will be reminiscent of the last regular Pre-season Camps held in San Diego. The Chargers are moving to Carson City, a little suburb of Los Angeles to hold their regular season camps for the next five years.

The Chargers Regular Training Camp will run from July 22 - Aug 21, at the Home Depot Center, Carson, CA.

I will be at the Mini Camp this year in San Diego, but I can't help but remember the wonderful times I had watching all the past Chargers Camps, the excitement of seeing my NFL Stars, the promise of the newly drafted rookies, and the hotly contested competition from the new undrafted free agents vying to make the team. I am not losing the San Diego Chargers (not yet anyway) but it sure feels like it.

I admit I am spoiled, living in the most beautiful city in the U.S., but there will certainly be a major loss this summer as the Chargers won't be here for camp, something I seem to have taken for granted in the past. How easy and fun it was to bring my wife and family to witness the action, and the practice sessions, in preparation for the coming season NFL battles for supremacy in the AFC West, and the possibility of the Play-offs. All seemed possible in the Pre-season camps in San Diego, all was good.

I am sure I will be one of the few that will venture forth to Carson to watch the Chargers at camp this summer. No longer will my wife and family attend, no longer will the thrill of the throngs of Charger fans attend. It will not just be a few hours of blissful excitement, but instead a major undertaking, with the additional travel time that will now eat up most of a grueling day.

Will the moving of the Chargers regular pre-season camp to Carson accomplish what Schottenheimer, coaches and management expect. Yesterday, the Washington Redskins made official the training camp news: The Redskins will bring the team home and train at its year-round headquarters, Redskin Park, in Ashburn this summer. In 2001, under Marty Schottenheimer, the team trained at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa. Schottenheimer has always believed and expressed that teams build chemistry by training away from home. The Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier gives very little credit to that theory.

Spurrier said, "Personally, I've always thought it was opposite, in training camp, you've got curfew every night at 11 o'clock. But in the season, really you only have curfew the night before the game. Really the season is what's important, and this is all just preparation for the season."

Spurrier continued by saying, "We just believe it will be a little more productive to have (camp at) our own facility." "We've got four fields here. (We´re) close by. We just feel like that's the way to go."

I only hope moving the camp to Carson will help this team win, but if it hasn't dawned on you yet what San Diego is losing I am strongly suggesting that you come to the Last Camp, and witness the excitement for yourself. This last camp will be a Mini Camp open to the public Saturday, June 14, 2003 at Charger Park, San Diego, CA.

See you there!

By: T. S. Heers

T.S. Heers can be reached at or via the following link: T.S. Heers

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