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Recently a list was released with the 50 most valuable players in the NFL. Three San Diego Chargers made the exclusive list with LaDainian Tomlinson topping it out at #20. Donnie Edwards (36) and David Boston (38) also made the list. That got me to thinking who are the top ten players on the San Diego Chargers roster?

Number 10:

Toniu Fonoti- A switch to left guard, putting him next to the talented McIntosh, can only help Fonoti. Fonoti struggled a bit down the stretch with his weight and with ankle injuries, yet he would not come out of the game showing his warrior-like attitude. If he can keep his weight to a manageable level, he will continue to get better and will not wear down as the season progresses.

Number 9:

Lorenzo Neal- He was signed this offseason to make LT better. His blocking will be crucial in the short yardage game. His work ethic is infectious, and he practices as hard as he plays. If he can help turn those second and third and shorts into first downs, he is worth the price of admission.

Number 8:

Quentin Jammer- He may be the key to the season. Last year he missed all of training camp and struggled early on. As the season progressed his confidence grew and he began to make plays against the top receivers in the game. He is the surest tackler in the defensive secondary and with a full camp, could help the 32nd ranked pass defense immensely.

Number 7:

Drew Brees- His "rookie" year under center was a learning year and now he is looking to take it to the next level. With the talented LT in the backfield and Boston to throw to, his job has gotten easier. Brees needs to work on his touches. Last year he was prone to putting too much air under the ball, allowing the defensive backs to catch up to his receivers. It also set his receivers up to get mauled. Brees must show some zip on his balls, and know when lofting the ball is required.

Number 6:

Damion McIntosh- As the protector of the blindside, McIntosh is the most important lineman out there. He is equally effective against the run as he is in pass protection and is entering the year playing for his next contract. With a good year the contract can be all that he wants and more. Last season he sat out a few games the coaches thought he could play and that lack of commitment to the team has led to the one year tender he signed. A renewed effort this season, and it will be hard for the Chargers to justify letting this young stud go.

Number 5:

Marcellus Wiley- Hobbled by a painful abdomen strain and a bilateral groin strain it is understandable that his numbers were down. Imagine trying to get leverage and a push when your abs feel like they are tearing and you cannot effectively rush the edge when your groin….well there is no need to explain that one to the male fans. He has put the onus on himself this year to perform and the late John Butler had faith. With Butler gone, Wiley will dedicate his season to the man who inspired him. That should mean a man justifying his healthy salary this year with a lot of time spent in the opposing team's backfield harassing quarterbacks.

Number 4:

Jamal Williams- Williams was having a Pro Bowl caliber year until he was taken out and lost for the year. He is committed again this year and was called one of the best young linemen by Bill Parcells in Dallas. A force against the run and wide body who allows his linebackers to make plays; he is the gel that makes the line play well. His health this season will be crucial to the Chargers resurgence.

Number 3:

Donnie Edwards- Finally recognized for the plays he has been making for years dating back to his days in Kansas City, Edwards will man a new position this year, but hold the same responsibilities as last season. He will again be asked to cover tight ends, a job he was more than effective at last season. He will also be the leader on the field and will bring his sideline to sideline speed in pursuit of opposing running backs. With his stability, the Chargers will allow Ben Leber and the winner of the starting middle linebacker battle have more freedom in blitzes and pursuit.

Number 2:

David Boston- The addition of Boston to the Chargers is something fans have dreamed of, a true number one receiver and the speed and size to torment defenders. His presence takes the pressure off LT as teams will no longer be able to stack the line. Add his deep threat ability and he creates a buzz few can deny. Boston must prove he is past the injuries of last season and up his profile off the field. Any distractions could prove fatal.

Number 1:

LaDainian Tomlinson- The third year back has nothing holding him back. His offensive line is a year wiser and better, Neal provides a better blocking fullback to lead the way and Boston allows him freedom he has yet to see. With the ability to break it at any turn, he is the man who will carry the rock as dictated by the Marty Schottenheimer School of Offense. It is hard to believe his best years are not ahead of him, and he is already coming close to topping the fantasy charts as one of the top overall picks.

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